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Oh my, it is a joy to learn how to train a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Why is this so? Basically, this is a dog that almost trains itself. The breed has a love for people and it has a nature that makes it quite loving and appealing. In a way, you could consider this ironic, […]

The Parson Russell Terrier is a very sleek looking dog that certainly resembles its cousin the Jack Russell Terrier. While this little dog may seem innocuous, it was once used to track down foxes… no easy task! Today, its fox hunting days may be in the distant past, but its new life as a loyal […]

Raccoons are among the most dangerous and crafty of predators that stalk a farm. Rather than deal with the chaos that a raccoon can cause in the home, dog breeders in 19th century America opted to breed the Black and Tan Coonhound. This dog definitely put a lot of fear into raccoons and other annoying […]

There are basically two animals the land of Tibet is known for: The Abominable Snowman and the Tibetan Terrier. The question that arises here is which one of these beasts is easier to train? Well, the answer to that question will always be based on the individual doing the training. If you have the wrong […]

The Basenji remains a rather unique breed of dog. It originates from the African continent and the country of Zaire, and it has been exported to other parts of the world where it has become a beloved family pet. The breed is quite a joy to own, and its loving nature has certainly contributed to […]

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog certainly remains a very impressive looking creature. The dog is quite large and among the largest breeds indigenous to Switzerland. But, do not assume because it is big and imposing it is a mean dog. Actually, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is known for its kind and gentle nature. The […]

The Keeshonden is quite the original breed of dog. Despite having been originally bred in the Netherlands, the dog was raised to run sleds in the Arctic! How is that for a very unique origin? Most people these days have no desire to own such a breed with the intention of sledding it. Rather, they […]

The Afghan Hound is a unique breed, and it is also a beautiful breed. The majestic look of this dog certainly makes it an appealing creature to own. However, those that have experience with the process of how to train an Afghan Hound will be quick to tell you that there are more than a […]

The eternal question in dog owner circles will always be whether it is easier to learn how to train a Bouviers des Flandres, or how to spell the breed’s name correctly. Honestly, you likely will not be required to spell the name very often, and if you spell it wrong, you really do not have […]

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi definitely maintains a truly unique look. This small dog has a certain affable and regal nature, which allows it to remain one of the most enjoyable breeds to own. At this point, some of the more cynical of our audience will be saying these dogs might be all nice to look […]

The old saying “Looks aren’t everything” applies to canines as well as humans. You need to select a breed to adopt based on a wide range of factors. You can’t just select the best looking dog you come across. That said, the Border Terrier truly is an amazing looking dog, which certainly adds to its […]

Are there sheep in Iceland? That would seem to be the case, as there is such a thing as an Icelandic Sheepdog. Of course, this wonderful breed is no longer exclusive to Iceland, as it can be found in the homes of many pet lovers around the world. If you have adopted such a breed, […]

The Old English Sheepdog truly is among the most quintessential of canines. It has the perfect look, and can be considered one of the most loyal breeds you can adopt. Of course, the way to ensure that the canine does remain loyal would be to take the steps towards how to train an Old English […]

I’m sorry folks… I have to admit… I love the look of this dog! That means even if it was the most stubborn dog in existence, I would still remain a huge fan of it. Thankfully, this is not a tough dog, and it is as lovable as it looks. And this can make the […]

Before we delve into how to train an Irish Wolfhound, we need to look a little bit at the history of the breed. And it is an interesting history… Believe it or not, there was a time when humans did literally have to fear for their lives from wild packs of wolves. Europe, in particular, […]

The process of how to train a Silky Terrier can be considered a lot easier than what would be the case with various other dog breeds. Why is this? There are quite a few reasons why it is so and the positive, upbeat, and social nature of the breed would be among the most definitive […]

Is not the Irish Setter the quintessential family pet? There may be a little bit of debate regarding the answer to that question, since many will have their own personal favorites regarding which breed they prefer to own. However, it is no secret that the Irish Setter has long since been a loyal friend to […]

How to train a Belgian Malinois can be quite the fun task. While some assume that this breed is solely a hunting dog, that would not be a completely accurate assessment. Sure, this breed can make for a great hunting dog, but it can also prove to be a wonderful family pet in the home. […]

The Japanese Chin may not be the most popular of dog breeds, but those owners that have taken one into their home are extremely glad that they did. How could they not be glad? This is a high-affection breed that truly does love to please its owners. When you take that fact into consideration, you’ll […]

Anyone wondering how to train a Staffordshire Bull Terrier may have a daunting task ahead of him. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is definitely an imposing beast. However, it is sometimes presented with a very unfair reputation. Yes, this is a big and tough dog, but what happens when a beautiful dog lies by your side […]

The German wirehaired pointer is most definitely a beautiful looking dog, and truly an amazing breed. The positive attributes this breed is known to embody are legion, which is why it remains such a beloved pet. Of course, to get the most out of your union with the dog, you’ll need to know the basics […]

The process of how to train a Samoyed can prove to be a bit more complicated than most will initially realize. The breed has many positive points associated with it, but there will also be challenges and complexities. In particular, the breed is known for being highly intelligent and quick to learn, but it has […]

The Great Pyrenee (aka the Pyr) remains a unique breed of dog to own. Why are they so unique? Well, for one reason, the breed commonly serves the purpose of a highly effective guard dog yet, it is also known as a loving and friendly family dog. How can the breed balance such two seemingly […]

Often lumped in with other breeds under the moniker of the pitbull, the American Staffordshire Terrier is one of the more misunderstood breeds in existence. This breed is definitely a very tough one, and it is notoriously strong in an athletic way. However, many people will mistake its toughness for being mean and difficult. That […]

Without a doubt, the classic Disney film 101 DALMATIANS certainly helped this breed become as well known as it has. Surely, the fact that it is a favorite breed to be kept as a pet in a firehouse has also aided in its legendary popularity. But, if there was one thing that allowed the dog […]

How tough is the Dogues de Bordeaux mastiff? Take this into consideration when weighing the answer: this breed was once used to hunt down wild boar and bears. You really have to be a tough dog to take on the challenge of battling such dangerous animals which certainly are not going to back down from […]

For those not familiar with the Italian Greyhound, this is not a breed that is as majestic in size such as those greyhounds you see at the local dog racing track. In fact, the Italian Greyhound is actually a “toy” dog that is quite diminutive in stature. It is bred specifically to be a pet, […]

The English Cocker Spaniel remains a popular dog breed to own for many reasons. Among the most commonly cited is this little dog is one of the most adorable breeds you could adopt. It is also the quintessential small dog pet, and it’s perfect for all manner of different living environments, including apartment dwelling. And […]

“How now Chow Chow?” You may have wanted to ask this question of your newly adopted Chow Chow. Someone has to tell you how to train a Chow Chow, so why not the dog itself? For starters, it can’t. You are going to need to do a little research to discover the fine points of […]

At one time, the Australian cattle dog was a great help for those that raised cattle on the ranges of the Australian landscape. These dogs were among the most helpful of all service breeds the land down under had ever seen. These days, the breed is still employed on ranches but it has also branched […]

For those that love small dogs, the Shiba Inu remains one of the more unique breeds to own. These are friendly little dogs that seem to revel in attention. If you are the type of dog owner that loves to fawn over your four-legged friend, you will find owning a Shiba Inu will turn out […]

Does it have to be a daunting task to learn how to train a Lhasa Apso? The answer is no. In fact, you might find the process of training such a dog to be a lot of fun. No, that statement is not made on the assertion based on hoping the sentiment to be true. […]

At one time, the Pekingese was a revered dog in the palaces of China. While those days are long in the past, this is a wonderful little dog that can make a great pet. This is why it is so popular. The Pekingese remains such a small and seemingly unassuming little beast that you would […]

The reason there is not a lot of info on how to train a whippet is because this wonderful breed has not risen to the levels of popularity other breeds have. Thankfully, you have recognized the wonderful value of owning a whippet and adopted one into your home. Now, you have to take the steps […]

Will you have a “soft and easy” time learning how to train a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier? Well, that is up to you. “Up to me?!” is what some of you may be thinking. Here is the truth of the matter: the dog is only going to do what its instincts tell it to. There […]