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The Alaskan Malamute is certainly one of the more interesting breeds of dog to own. How could it not be, considering the land it hails from? Alaska can be considered a near frontier like region home to amazing beauty and wilderness. Did you know there are over 30,000 grizzly bears in Alaska? Certainly, this breed […]

The process of how to train a Chinese Crested can be among the most enjoyable of all puppy training adventures. Why is this? Basically, this is a really lovable and unique dog. It has a desire to truly be appreciated by its owner, and always wishes to remain by its master’s side. This loving nature […]

What is the right way for how to train a cairn terrier? There is not so much a right way as there needs to be a right attitude. Okay, there is a right way to train such a breed, and it needs to be combined with the right attitude. This breed is extremely independent minded, […]

How did the Portuguese water dog get its name? It was a rather unique worker dog in its early days. It helped fishermen with pulling nets out of the water. That is a novel occupation for a dog! Today, however, the Portuguese water dog is known for its new task: being one of the friendliest […]

The Airedale Terrier remains one of the most unique looking dogs you can own. This little dog has a happy disposition that allows it to remain a faithful and loyal friend to any owner hoping to add this wonderful breed into the home. Yet, the Airedale is not born with an innate knowledge of what […]

Here is a question that arises when the subject of how to train a bull terrier is raised: is the bull terrier a breed that is intimidating? This may certainly be the case for those that are not 100% familiar with the dog or any of its nuances. For those that have a love and […]

Is there a dog breed that has a more unique look than a Scottish Terrier? Okay, the answer to that can be considered debatable. I personally think it has one of the cooler looks of all the little dogs, which is why I have always been a fan of this particular breed. More than likely, […]

The Cane Corso is a breed of Italian Mastiff, and that means it is one huge dog. Actually, it is big, but not as massive as you would think. It is more sleek and muscular. Think of it in terms of a middleweight bodybuilder. It’s a bit different from other Mastiffs, since it’s a bit […]

It has been said that some people look old when they are young. You might be able to make the same statement about the Chinese Shar Pei, since it does have the wrinkles to show its age… no matter how young it is! Actually, these wrinkles add to the appeal of the breed, which is […]

One of the few breeds from Japan that has achieved worldwide popularity, the Akita remains a unique and special breed. The Akita can be both loyal and loving, but it can also have an aggressive nature. This is why special and deliberative care needs to go into the steps of how to train an Akita. […]

Oh, the Chessie is unique, and if you are interested in owning one of the most reliable hunting retrievers, this may be the dog for you. You will need to know how to train a Chesapeake Bay Retriever to make sure it remains a trusted and loyal canine companion. The beauty of the Chesapeake Bay […]

The Border Collie has a very unique look which makes it quite the majestic dog. This is a dark black dog with white markings, making it a very distinguishable breed. Consider it one of the most beautiful of herding dogs ever bred. Of course, few people will purchase a Border Collie to herd sheep. They […]

You have to admit the Rhodesian Ridgeback has one of the cooler names of all the canines. This is a rather old breed (Rhodesia is not even named Rhodesia anymore. It’s Zaire.) and its owners will sing its praise. And they better! This is one huge dog! But, don’t let the size intimidate you. While […]

Here is the good news right off the bat about how to train a St. Bernard: You will not need to train it to find someone lost in the Arctic and give the poor soul any brandy. No, the glorious St. Bernard is better known these days as a loving (and HUGE) family pet and […]

All those contemplating how to train a Newfoundland really do have a lot work cut out for them. Or do they? Well, the ultimate answer depends on your approach and your comfort level with such a huge dog. Yes, this breed is tremendously huge! If you are intimidated by a large dog, then you are […]

The bloodhound remains a unique service dog with an even more unique look. Most are familiar with two versions of the dog, which have long since been present in popular culture. The first would be using the dog to track things down. The other image would be that of a lazy dog that loves to […]

Adam G. Katz,dog whisperer Once you read this Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer review, your entire belief system of how dogs are trained will change forever. I know this is the case because it completely changed my perspective as well. I was a bit jaded when I looked at the book’s title because anything […]

Morten Egtvedt & Cecilie Koeste,renowned clicker trainers ofCanis Clickertraining Academy “Geez, why won’t he listen to me?” “I tried everything but he doesn’t follow along.” “Why is training taking so long?” These are questions I have asked myself at times. Now I know the answers. If you have the same questions, then you’ll find this […]

The task of how to train a bullmastiff may seem a little daunting on the surface. The reason for this should be fairly obvious: the bull mastiff is a rather large dog, and those that wish to reign in this beastie might have their work cut out for them. Well, this may be how things […]

The Vizsla is not the most common dog breed you will see when you are out and about, but they are certainly loved by those that own them. Some new owners might not exactly know how to train a Vizsla, but they need not fret too much about this. Anyone motivated to effectively train a […]

The miniature pinscher is a unique dog. Despite the fact that is a small toy canine, it actually was bred to serve as a watchdog. Such behavior is still part of the dog’s makeup and this is a good thing for those owners hoping their dog will keep a watchful eye on the homestead for […]

The mere name “Bernese Mountain Dog” brings to mind an image of a canine that is rather huge. If this is the image you have in your mind, you would be correct. This is definitely a large beastie, but do not let that put you off in any way. This breed can be a lot […]

Those that remember the classic LASSIE television program and movies likely have a legendary impression of this wonderful breed. While you may not be able to learn how to train a collie to perform the amazing rescues that Lassie can do, you can train a collie to be a well behaved and loving pet. The […]

The Bichons Frise is never a dog breed that will be dubbed among the most well known. It can be considered a special breed that appeals to a certain owner. It can also be said that the little doggie becomes an even more appealing pet once it has been properly trained. At this point, some […]

The daily newspaper comics are nowhere near as popular as they once where, but there are still numerous comic strip characters many follow fondly. Fred Basset is one of them, as this precocious basset hound appeals to the pet lover in all of us. Some may even have been so inspired by the image of […]

Fans of classic cinema likely remember the old film Papillion. In this 1973 production, Steve McQueen was trapped on Devil’s Island and vowed to escape. For some, learning how to train a Papillion dog is a harder task than what Steve McQueen had to endure in the film. Why is this so? Basically, they do […]

The one word answer to how to train a West Highland White Terrier is “easily.” That is not a facetious statement. This is an extremely intelligent dog which means it will follow along with a training session rather easily. Quick witted dogs along the lines of a Westie can pick up on all the steps […]

Originating in Germany, the Leonberger does live up to half of its name. Leon derives from “leos” which means lion and this particular breed does somewhat look like a lion. However, this is far tamer of a beast for sure! Yes, the Leonberger can be considered one of the nicer breeds for a family and […]

As most would correctly assume by its name, the Weimaraner is a dog that was originally bred in Germany. The sleek look of the breed will also clearly reveal that this breed was originally intended to be a hunting dog which is a role it still serves to this day. Of course, this intelligent breed […]

The Havanese remains one of the cutest little dogs available for adoption. One of its most endearing traits is its ability to stand up on its tiptoes and greet you. How it is able to maintain its balance is a mystery, but it can certainly do so with ease. Hopefully, as the owner, you will […]

The Brittany Spaniel is a truly wonderful hunting dog. To be specific, it is a bird dog that is perfect for chasing fowl. Of course, a lot of dog lovers simple want to own a nice dog that is fun to be around and provides love and loyalty to its owners. While this dog does […]

The English Springer Spaniel remains a truly enjoyable pet and one that can prove to be highly loyal and loving. However, the process of how to train an English Springer Spaniel is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. This can be a truly tough dog to train because it has a high level […]

Yes, he is a huge dog. Even if he is a she then she will be a huge dog. Of course, I am talking about the mastiff and it is one of my all-time favorite dog breeds. Some of you might think I am a little nutty for suggesting you adopt a dog this gigantic. […]

Are you interested in learning how to train a Pembroke Welsh Corgi? If you are then that is a good thing because it also means you are looking to adopt one of these wonderful dogs. And yes, it truly is a wonderful dog that can certainly prove to be a great pet and one that […]

Can you imagine herding sheep in Australia circa the 19th century? Needless to say, this would be a very hard task to undertake considering the terrain. You certainly could not do it alone and thanks to the breeding of the Australian Shepherd, you would not have to. Of course, you are likely not herding sheep […]