How to Stop a Puppy Chewing

How to Stop a Puppy Chewing Puppies are certainly cute creatures and each breed will have its own unique nuances. In most cases, puppy behavior is just a byproduct of the puppy’s age and owners really do not need to fret over how the puppy acts. In other instances, however, the behavior can prove troubling and needs to be corrected. Among the more pressing behaviors to change would be puppy chewing. While chewing is natural behavior for a puppy, it is also natural behavior for an owner to be more than a bit perturbed about seeing his/her furniture destroyed. This is why the owner will likely want to take the necessary steps to learn how to stop a puppy chewing.

But, is it difficult to learn how to stop a puppy chewing? The answer to that all important question is no. An owner could likely be able to correct puppy chewing issues with little or no problem and in a relatively short period of time. This is provided, of course, the owner understands a few basic steps about how to stop a puppy chewing.

For those dealing with a puppy that loves to chew on things it shouldn’t, here are a few insights into how to stop a puppy chewing:

First and foremost, you cannot put off or delay actions on how to stop a puppy chewing. To assume the puppy will grow out of such behavior often backfires. If the puppy enjoys chewing then it is doubtfully going to stop doing so. The longer the puppy remains in the habit of inappropriate chewing, the harder it will be able to break the pet out of the behavior as it matures in adulthood. Don’t lose sight of this when you are interested in how to stop a puppy chewing.

Here is some advice: you need to be proactive with your actions on how to stop a puppy chewing. This starts with supervising the puppy’s behavior as often as possible and give the puppy a loud and firm “NO!” when it chews inappropriately. If you cannot always monitor the puppy or need to leave it to its own devices, employing crate training methods might be among the best steps for how to stop a puppy chewing.

A common reason puppies chew on things is because they are bored or have a lot of nervous energy. One way to deal with this problem would be to give the puppy a little exercise time. Even 10 to 15 minutes a day could lead to a dramatic reduction in how much chewing the puppy actually does. This may seem surprising but the steps of how to stop a puppy chewing do not always have to be directly tied to catching the puppy chewing something.

Often, owners are not so much upset that the puppy is chewing as much as they are annoyed about WHAT the puppy is chewing. If this is the case then all you need to do is provide your puppy with a chew toy to occupy its time. A puppy that chews on its favorite toys is not a problem. A puppy that chews on furniture is. As such, teaching the little creature what to chew on should be a regular aspect of how to stop a puppy chewing on things. You may find using clicker training a great way to instill this behavior. By using the clicker along with positive reinforcement, you might discover the dog follows your directions quite easily.

Most importantly, never punish the puppy or treat it harshly because it is chewing. This will serve no other purpose other than making the dog scared of you and potentially aggressive as it matures. If you are not having progress with curtailing the chewing behavior then it may be best to simply enroll the puppy in obedience school. A qualified trainer may be able to pick up where you left off and attain greater results.

And always be consistent when taking part in how to stop a puppy chewing behavior. Inconsistent training confuses the puppy and does not establish the needed parameters required to break the puppy out of its difficult behavior.