How to Stop a Puppy Whining

How to Stop a Puppy Whining Whining is not charming. In fact, it can be very annoying. No one likes people that whine. Not only that but no one really likes a puppy known for whining all the time. Thankfully, it is often a lot easier to determine how to stop a puppy whining that it is to stop a human! Okay, let’s be serious for a minute here. A whining puppy is a problematic puppy so you need to learn how to stop a puppy whining.

For those dealing with a puppy that won’t cease making those annoying sounds, here is some insight into how to stop a puppy whining:

Puppies learn how to whine when they are born because this is how they let their mom know something is wrong. The issue here is that the puppy will launch into whining when it wants its owner to do something. This is why an owner should not immediately give in when a puppy whines because this encourage whining as opposed to instilling steps for stopping the whining.

A puppy will likely whine when it wants something such as affection, food, or play time. The process of stopping a puppy from whining may employ a little preventive maintenance. In other words, if you are not neglecting your puppy in any way, then the puppy will not need to whine and might slowly grow out of the habit. Consider this among the easiest approaches when trying out different techniques on how to stop a puppy whining.

You can also wait until the puppy stops whining before you give it what it wants. Saying “Quiet” as it whines and waiting until it calms down before giving in to the puppy will slowly tone down the dog’s whining attitude. You can even use clicker training to instill this training. When the dog stops whining, you can make a sound with the clicker and then give the puppy its food. This type of training quickly helps the puppy gain an understanding that it needs to curtail its whining.

And don’t yell at the puppy or else you will end up with a scared and aggressive dog. You would be better served learning calm dog whispering techniques as these will aid in guiding the puppy to listen to your commands.

Another one of the common reasons that a puppy will whine is because it does not like to be left alone. You really cannot blame it for this but at some point, you will definitely need to determine how to stop a puppy whining when you are stepping out of the house. One way to curtail this would be to place the puppy in a room by itself for short periods of time once or twice a day. This will increase the likelihood that the puppy becomes used to brief separations which sets the stage for stopping a puppy from whining when it is left alone.

Dogs also whine when they have to go to the bathroom. Does your puppy start to whine at a certain time after it has finished eating? If so, you can beat it to the punch by letting it out before it whines. This is among the easiest ways for how to stop a puppy whining.

Most importantly, you need to realize that a puppy will whine when it is in pain. Does your dog move funny or is it acting lethargic as it whines? If so, then something may be wrong and stopping the whining may ultimately require a trip to the vet.

The steps for stopping a puppy from whining are rarely difficult. As long as you are attentive to the problem and take proactive steps to stop it, the odds are strong you can figure out how to stop a puppy whining.