How to Train a Basenji

How to Train a Basenji The Basenji remains a rather unique breed of dog. It originates from the African continent and the country of Zaire, and it has been exported to other parts of the world where it has become a beloved family pet. The breed is quite a joy to own, and its loving nature has certainly contributed to so many wishing to adopt the dog. Of course, adopting it is the easy part. The real work comes into play when it’s time to learn how to train a Basenji.

But, is it really all that hard to train a Basenji? The truth of the matter is that as long as you maintain the right insights into training, you should not have all that difficult of a time training this breed. For those looking for such insights into how to train a Basenji, here are a few helpful tips:

This dog can be considered a bit self-centered. It is not a mean or aggressive dog, but it is also not a dog known for easily following the directives of its master… unless its master takes the steps to definitively establish him/herself as the top dog in the home. When you do what you need to do to establish yourself as the definitive alpha leader, you will find how to train a Basenji becomes a lot easier.

Of course, you can only be the alpha leader when you are actually home to lead. If you’re away, the dog will have no one to follow, which means it may get itself into some trouble. Then again, it can’t get into trouble if you’re crate training it, as the crate itself will provide a secure venue in which the dog will remain protected, safe, and out of trouble when you’re away.

Obedience training needs to be a major part of the training process, since you do want the dog to pay attention to your directives and go along with your commands. This is a rather intelligent breed, so it should not have much trouble understanding the commands you wish to teach it. Just be sure to ALWAYS use positive reinforcement when training this particular breed, since that is the tone of voice and attitude it’ll respond best to. You are also advised to employ dog whispering techniques when addressing the dog, since this will keep it from being rattled.

Those wishing to expedite the success potential of the dog’s training are advised to use a clicker. Clicker training adds a sound association component to the training, which aids the dog in remembering commands. Once it can remember commands better, the quicker it will become obedient to you.

Socialization training is also a must, since this will make the dog much easier to live with. Once the dog has been properly and effectively socialized, it will not react negatively to other dogs, to cats, or to humans. This will make it a breed that is much easier to manage.

Housebreaking, food training, and exercise training generally are all best served by setting up regular schedules in which the dog will be fed, walked, and allowed to go out to relieve itself at specific times. Once the dog becomes used to the time intervals, it will be less likely to make demands in terms of doing what it wants to when it wants to.

As you can see, the process of how to train a Basenji is not all that tough or complicated. Rather, it is a simple and straightforward program that will deliver the appropriate results, if you’re willing to put the effort into the process in the appropriate manner.