How to Train a Belgian Malinois

How to Train a Belgian Malinois How to train a Belgian Malinois can be quite the fun task. While some assume that this breed is solely a hunting dog, that would not be a completely accurate assessment. Sure, this breed can make for a great hunting dog, but it can also prove to be a wonderful family pet in the home. It is friendly and affectionate, which would be among the most helpful traits you could seek in a dog. Of course, you’ll want to know how to train a Belgian Malinois, because only effective training can turn it into a well behaved four-legged friend in the home.

For those curious about the way to do so, here are a few common ways on how to train a Belgian Malinois:

This breed is extremely intelligent and seeks to please its master. Because of this, the process of training the dog becomes a lot easier. However, the training will need to be much more structured. Inconsistent training or training that does not follow a logical path to learning will confuse the dog. This confusion will undermine all the steps of how to train a Belgian Malinois effectively.

Obedience training is always easier when a breed is highly intelligent. When you want the dog to follow your verbal commands, having a breed that’s intelligent makes the ability to teach it basic obedience commands a lot easier.

Those wishing to make obedience and command training easier should consider using clickers. Clicker training combined with giving the dog food treats further boosts the likelihood the dog will do what you tell it to do. Basically, such training helps it remember commands, and also remembers the expected verbal commands you wish it to follow.

While these dogs are not generally aggressive, they can be considered highly protective of their owners. This can be considered a good thing, but you do not want the dog becoming overprotective. One way to make sure that such an attitude does not develop in the breed would be to properly socialize it towards strangers. This way, the dog doesn’t jump the gun when it’s around strangers, which it’s naturally prone to do.

Stick with dog whispering techniques when you wish to correct its behavior verbally. Stern commands delivered in a semi-hushed tone are FAR preferable to raising your voice. You do not want the dog to be scared or unnerved at your commands, as this would not help the dog’s training at all.

This is an extremely active breed, and that means you need to exercise it regularly so that it doesn’t develop pent up anxious behavior, leading to it running and gallivanting through the house. Exercising can help reduce the potential for such behavior, and merely walking it on a leash can help the dog get the much needed exercise it requires. Of course, you’ll also need to add effective leash training tactics to the mix, because you don’t want your dog to drag you as opposed to walking with you. You need to be the alpha leader controlling the walk. If not, then the safety of your dog on the leash will not be maintained.

Crate training is also advised with an active dog such as this. The process of how to train a Belgian Malinois needs to include maintaining the safety of the dog and the sanctity of your home when the pooch isn’t being supervised. Crate training can certainly help ensure the dog (and your home) remains safe when it is unsupervised.

How to train a Belgian Malinois is not all that tough. You just need the right approach and the will to make sure all points of training are covered and instituted.