How to Train a Bichons Frise

How to Train a Bichons Frise The Bichons Frise is never a dog breed that will be dubbed among the most well known. It can be considered a special breed that appeals to a certain owner. It can also be said that the little doggie becomes an even more appealing pet once it has been properly trained. At this point, some might shudder a little. Is it not difficult to learn how to train a Bichons Frise? Here is some news dog lovers will find assuring: it is most definitely not all that difficult to learn how to train a Bichons Frise. All you need to make the process work for you is a little insight into the right way to train it. Is this tough? Nope! Here are some of the steps you need to employ:

Take solace in the fact this is a very docile breed, and one that will follow its owner’s directions a lot easier than other breeds will. However, the dog can be somewhat tempermental which can lead to a stubborn attitude at times. Navigating this issue can be trying. One way to do so would be to keep the training sessions short. When the training sessions are kept brief, the dog will be more likely to follow along with directives. That means it will be a much easier pet to train.

It also would not hurt to mix in a few fun things into the obedience training sessions. For whatever reason, this breed seems to enjoy training tricks and feats. Maybe this has to do with its breeding as a show dog. Regardless of the reason, it would not be a bad idea to mix in a few simple tricks with traditional obedience commands. You could say this is a downright sneaky approach to training your Bichons Frise, but if it leads to a much more compliant and obedient dog, then so be it!

Weaving in clicker training is definitely advised when understanding how to train a Bichons Frise. Why is this? It will aid in helping draw your dog’s attention to specific behavior reactions in relation to actions you wish the dog to remember. In other words, clicker training makes the whole process of how to train a Bichons Frise a lot easier. And does not making the process easier seem like the best way to approach it?

Let’s get one thing straight here about how to train a Bichons Frise: this is not a breed that responds well to housebreaking training. No, the little doggie does not resist to defy anyone. Rather, this is just the nature of the breed, and you need to keep such things in mind when you wish to own such a unique breed. Among the best ways to address this issue would be to maintain a high level of consistency with setting a specific schedule for the dog to go outside. In time, the dog will eventually come around to understanding that it should only eliminate outside and not in the home. And by “in time”, it’s not meant that there needs to be an interminable waiting time for the dog to become housebroken. It just might be a little more of an involved process than would be the case with a different breed of dog.

Just don’t become frustrated and lose your temper when taking part in the process of how to train a Bichons Frise. Such an approach will not lead to solid results. It might even prove to be a much better plan to perform dog whispering techniques as they’re more effective and less jarring to the dog.

This is a wonderful little breed and some of the extra work required to train the breed will make everything worth it. Who knows? It might even become your prized show dog eventually.