How to Train a Border Terrier

How to Train a Border Terrier The old saying “Looks aren’t everything” applies to canines as well as humans. You need to select a breed to adopt based on a wide range of factors. You can’t just select the best looking dog you come across. That said, the Border Terrier truly is an amazing looking dog, which certainly adds to its appeal. If you want a cute looking dog, you’ll definitely find the Border Terrier to be a nice breed. Of course, there are quite a few additional responsibilities you’ll need to accept when adopting such a dog. Namely, you’ll need to know how to train a Border Terrier. With proper training, this breed becomes a true joy to own.

A small crate should be placed strategically somewhere in the home, because this little dog should have its own “room” so that it can remain safe and secure and out of the way when it’s resting. Crate training is commonly thought of as being exclusive to large dogs. That’s not the case at all, as crate training can help dog breeds of all shapes and sizes.

House training is a must with little dogs because they have small bladders. You need to be really patient with such a small dog when it comes to housebreaking. Setting up a regular “bathroom break” schedule will slowly help the dog learn when it will be going out. It will also learn that going to the door and barking is the way in which to let you know it needs to go.

On a side note, this is another solid benefit to crate training the breed. The crate does provide an area where the dog can eliminate without making a mess. In time, your Border Terrier will get with the housebreaking program. Before he/she does become effectively housebroken, the crate can help reduce a lot of its housebreaking problems.

Obedience training needs to be a priority as well. Some will assume that because the dog is small that it doesn’t need much in terms of obedience training. Such an assessment is one of the most wrongheaded ones to apply when hoping to learn how to train a Border Terrier correctly. All dogs great and small need to undergo effective obedience training so that it can be a good pet. Also, an obedient dog is one that can remain safe, since it won’t get itself into a lot of trouble.

Those wondering how to train a Border Terrier for obedience should look towards adding a clicker to the mix. The reason for this is that a clicker helps the dog associate words and commands with the actions you require it to perform. The quicker that you can help the dog make such associations, the quicker it’ll become a highly obedient pet. And that’s certainly what you’ll want out of the entire process of how to train a border collie effectively in the first place.

Clicker training works, which is why it is so strongly recommended.

One thing to be mindful of is that this breed likes to dig in the yard. If you let it out unsupervised, it’ll take the liberty of digging holes all through your yard. As such, you’ll need to take affirmative steps to tell the dog a definitive “No!” when it’s digging.

How to train a Border Terrier to be a nice and well behaved pet should not prove too difficult when you take into consideration the fact that this breed is an easy going one that learns quite easily. You just need to be consistent with your training in order to be sure that it does follow along with all training plans.