How to Train a Brussels Griffon

How to Train a Brussels Griffon I’m sorry folks… I have to admit… I love the look of this dog! That means even if it was the most stubborn dog in existence, I would still remain a huge fan of it. Thankfully, this is not a tough dog, and it is as lovable as it looks. And this can make the process of how to train a Brussels Griffon much more of a breeze. This cute little dog can make a wonderful companion in your home.

Believe it or not, this innocuous looking dog was originally bred to chase rats out of stables. Not exactly the most glamorous job in the world. That said, the fact that it was originally bred as a service animal carries down in its genes, which make the steps to how to train a Brussels Griffon easier.

When you do train a Brussels Griffon, you’ll discover that it reacts best to positive sentiments. If you’re harsh in your dialogue with the dog, you’ll completely undermine the process of how to train a Brussels Griffon. It will not react well to negative reinforcement, which means you won’t be able to train it well. Stick with dog whispering techniques, as these are much better ways of helping the dog understand what you want it to do, because it does not frighten the dog.

Basic obedience training will help the dog become quite well behaved in the home. (Actually, it is a naturally well behaved breed, but it still needs to be taught simple obedience commands.) Among the best ways to instill an understanding of obedience commands would be to use a clicker. Clicker training is a very basic and simple means in which you can help the dog associate your voice commands with the actual action you want it to perform. With a clicker, you can instill such training rather quickly and effectively.

Should you crate train a Brussels Griffon? There is a little bit of controversy surrounding this question, but there really shouldn’t be. Improper crate training is controversial. Then again, if the training is improper, then it really is not “real” crate training. Follow along with the correct precepts of crate training and you’ll discover that crate training helps keep the dog safe and secure and, most importantly, out of trouble.

There are other things you need to take into consideration when you want to learn how to train a Brussels Griffon properly. Namely, you will want to brush this dog’s coat quite regularly. Why is this important? Basically, you will want the dog to be comfortable when you wish to train it. If the dog is distracted by a coat that’s tangled up, it’ll never go along with its training in an easy manner. The same could be said if the dog is not exercised regularly. You will want to give it enough stimulation so that it remains in the right mental and physical state to handle its training program effectively.

No matter what you are specifically training the dog, you need to be consistent with your training. Inconsistency in training will make it difficult for the dog to remember what you taught it, and that would not be the right approach with how to train a Brussels Griffon. Be consistent and positive, and you will see good things happen.

As you can see, there may be a bit of effort required to learn how to train a Brussels Griffon. This effort will be well worth it when you end up with a wonderful little family pet, which can prove to be a great friend and loyal companion.