How to Train a Bulldog

How to Train a Bulldog Is there not a more majestic or proud canine than the bulldog? This wonderful stocky little dog has been the symbol of British pride for centuries. The one issue with the dog is that its amazing sense of pride also begets its somewhat stubborn nature. That means the steps of how to train a bulldog can be a little tough at times.

However, you certainly can train the bulldog as long as you follow the right steps needed to make sure you have a bulldog that is as properly trained as possible.

What would be the right steps for how to train a bulldog? Here are a few of the common approaches with training a bulldog:

You should start the bulldog’s training when the bulldog is a puppy. This will allow you to get basic obedience training established very early in the dog’s life. It also sets the proper foundation for training the bulldog to learn new tricks later in life.

Additionally, this notorious stubborn breed would probably be best served by using clicker training. Knowing how to train a bulldog in this manner entails using a device which makes clicking sounds. Common clicker training combines the clicker with treats. Now, most breeds will be happy with the treat and the treat alone. However, those wondering how to train a bulldog effectively will quickly discover that a bulldog does not react as affirmatively to mere words and treats. You need to make the process a little more involved and this is where the clicker becomes a great help when training a bulldog.

Basically, when you train a bulldog, you should use food as a reward each time you call the dog and it comes, or when it follows any command you request of it. After you have given the dog a treat, you will want to click the clicker so the dog associates the clicker with good things. This will allow you to slowly wean the dog off the treats and have it respond positively to the clicker. In time, the clicker can be abandoned and the dog will only respond positively to your commands. When done properly, this can be a great way to train a bulldog.

You might also add hand signals into your oral commands in the process of training a bulldog. This will further reinforce the behavioral response you want from the dog. These dogs are known for suffering from limited memory which can further undermine your ability to instill commands in the dog’s mind. If you consistently reinforce your commands you will discover the dog starts to pay a lot more attention to you.

Does this seem like quite a few extra steps to take when training a bulldog? We aren’t talking about “any old” dog here. We’re discussing how to train a bulldog and that means you need to go the extra mile to make sure this breed obeys.

Training a bulldog for housebreaking is another area of critical importance. The way this is done is by establishing a set house breaking routine in which you and the dog will follow. In time, the dog will generally wait until the set amount of time to go. If it has to go earlier, it will likely head to the door and bark to let you know it wants to go out.

Crate training may be undertaken by some owners and this will require purchasing an adjustable crate since these dogs can grow. To place food, toys, and treats in the crate will lead to the bulldog becoming comfortable in a clean crate and ensures they are more willing to stay in it for longer periods of time.

No matter what area of training a bulldog you engage in, you need to keep the training sessions relatively short. This breed is not known for having a strong memory so short sessions are best when you want to train a bulldog effectively.