How to Train a Cardigan Welsh Corgi

How to Train a Cardigan Welsh Corgi The Cardigan Welsh Corgi definitely maintains a truly unique look. This small dog has a certain affable and regal nature, which allows it to remain one of the most enjoyable breeds to own. At this point, some of the more cynical of our audience will be saying these dogs might be all nice to look at, but is the process of how to train a Cardigan Welsh Corgi easy?

Nothing in life is easy. That is not said to confirm any cynicism. It is just mentioned because anyone that hopes to own a wonderful new pet will need to step things up in order to be sure that their canine friend adheres to acceptable behavior.

Or, you could just make things a lot easier by adopting a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, because this is not a tough breed to train.

This is particularly evident when it comes to how to train a Cardigan Welsh Corgi for housebreaking. These dogs are known for their high level of cleanliness. Certainly, you’ll want your dog to catch on to housebreaking quicker than slower for the obvious reasons. Yet, some breeds are known for their relative sluggishness in terms of the potential to catch on with housebreaking. That is not the case with this breed, because they are very clean – and as long as you institute a regular housebreaking training schedule, this breed will pick up on things quickly.

These dogs are fairly sharp and will learn the obedience commands you teach them quite effectively. You’ll likely want to instill obedience commands in with this breed without much delay. This is not because the breed is “bad” as much as it is over enthusiastic. In fact, it likes to jump on its owner, and that can prove a little troubling at inconvenient times. To overcome such issues, you need to instill basic obedience commands such as stop, stay, heel, etc.

To enhance the likelihood the dog learns its obedience commands as quickly as possible, you might wish to add a clicker to the mix. Clicker training entails weaving in a device which allows you to add sound recognition to the command you wish the dog to remember. If you are prone to getting a little frustrated with things you wished came a little easier, a clicker can make how to train a Cardigan Welsh Corgi a lot easier.

Those that wish to make the training even easier will need to make sure the training sessions are kept short. This little breed has a lot of spunk and hyperactivity, which means it might get real bored real quick when the training sessions start to run a little long.

Is it true that this breed can be considered a barker? To a degree, it can be. It will bark rather excessively if you do not take the steps to break it out of such a habit. Among the best ways to do so would be to ignore it when it barks. Unless the dog is barking because it is hurt, you have to take a few moments out and ignore the dog until it stops barking. Once the dog realizes that it won’t get attention by barking, it will likely curtail its barking habit.

As you can see, there is not much out of the ordinary when it comes to being able to learn how to train a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. This is not a tough breed to train, but you will need to understand the nuances of the breed, as this will greatly enhance the potential for the dog to learn what it needs to learn to be a very well behaved pet.