How to Train a Chinese Crested

How to Train a Chinese Crested The process of how to train a Chinese Crested can be among the most enjoyable of all puppy training adventures. Why is this? Basically, this is a really lovable and unique dog. It has a desire to truly be appreciated by its owner, and always wishes to remain by its master’s side. This loving nature will further reveal itself when you engage in the training process.

That said, there also may be an issue with the dog trying to be aggressive and tempermental at times. Why is this? Well, it’s a small dog, and sometimes it may wish to assert itself if it becomes nervous. Don’t worry though. If you understand the proper way of how to train a Chinese Crested, you’ll discover it goes along with the program quite nicely. (Most of the time.)

You’ll definitely need to make housebreaking your number one priority very early on, because this diminutive breed will want to mark its territory by spraying around the house. This can prove extremely frustrating to an owner, but the issue can be overcome with diligent effort. Housebreaking needs to be a critical component of how to train a Chinese Crested breed. Making it a priority cannot be circumvented.

Obedience training needs to follow right after housebreaking. Okay, it’s done concurrently, but why parse words? Obedience training is not just about the dog listening to you because you’re the boss. It’s also about making sure you have a pet that does not damage the home. Also, when the dog is obedient to your commands, it can maintain its safety.

Obedience training can be made a lot easier if you add clicker training into the mix. Clicker training helps the dog understand and remember the statements you’re making to the dog. Once the dog does start to remember what you are trying to instill in it, it will begin to follow your directives in the appropriate manner.

Can you make housebreaking easier? You can, and there are a few different tactics which can be employed to make this so. One such tactic would be to integrate crate training into the mix. Crate training can be considered somewhat misunderstood, because many assume it to be a form of punishment. That is not the case if the dog can enter and exit the crate at will, which will generally be the case when crate training. Now, the crate serves the purpose of providing the dog with its own little hideaway to call its own. The crate can also serve as a locale for the dog to eliminate before it learns the basics of proper housebreaking. A side benefit to this would be the fact the dog will spend more time in the crate when you’re away, as opposed to rummaging through the home getting into all manner of trouble.

Socialization is sometimes overlooked when wondering how to train a Chinese Crested dog, because the assumption is because the dog is so little that it cannot cause any problems with other dogs or humans it doesn’t know. Such an outlook undermines the basic process of what socialization entails. Socialization training is intended so the dog acts in a proper manner around strangers. If it is not effectively socialized, this breed will become extremely frightened of strangers, which could prove to be traumatic. Why deal with such issues when effective socialization training can certainly improve the attitude of the dog towards others tremendously?

There may be a few extra steps required to learn how to train a Chinese Crested dog, but the efforts are worth it.