How to Train a Chow Chow

How to Train a Chow Chow “How now Chow Chow?” You may have wanted to ask this question of your newly adopted Chow Chow. Someone has to tell you how to train a Chow Chow, so why not the dog itself? For starters, it can’t. You are going to need to do a little research to discover the fine points of what’s needed to train this rather unique breed.

This breed is unique because it’s highly intelligent and can pick up on learning cues rather easily. That said, do not assume the process of how to train a Chow Chow will ever be an easy one. This is one stubborn dog! But, don’t let the stubbornness of the breed be off-putting. It can turn out to be a truly nice pet to own once it has adjusted to the behavior expected of it in the home.

So, let’s take a look at the right way of how to train a Chow Chow. Once you have an understanding of what you need to do to train this breed, you’ll be well on the path to owning a nice and compliant four-legged friend.

There are aggression issues with this dog breed, so you’ll need to clearly assume the role of alpha with this dog as soon as possible. If you’re not taking a stern role as the alpha leader in the home, this breed will outright blow you off as the leader. That means you’ll definitely not have a behaved dog, but one that feels that it can do whatever it wishes.

One way to circumvent issues of an aggressive dog would be to take part in obedience training as early as possible. This dog will likely resist at first, since it’s bred to be mostly independent. Those that maintain a strict control over their dog will learn the process of how to train a Chow Chow to be obedient can be done, but you’ll have to be patient.

What you do not want to do, however, would be to be harsh with it or, worse, abusive. This will only enhance potential aggression in the dog or make it fearful of you. It may be best to employ the strategy of dog whispering techniques, as these may prove far more effective than yelling when it comes to making a stubborn dog listen to your commands.

In order to get the dog to follow your commands, it first will need to recognize them. This is where clicker training could prove to be quite helpful. Clicker training aids in instilling an understanding of your verbal cues along with the actions you require of the dog. In fact, clicker training may be the easiest way to teach the dog the common behavior command responses it will need to learn.

It might also be helpful to employ crate training when wondering how to train a Chow Chow effectively. The crate will allow the dog to have a place in the home to call its own, and this will reduce the likelihood the dog becomes territorial in areas you would prefer it avoided.

Leash training this dog will require a bit of extra care, since you’ll likely come across other dogs along the way. Chow Chows are not fond of other dogs, so it might become temperamental towards other dogs. You’ll definitely need to be ready to curtail any problematic behavior on the part of the Chow Chow if it acts inappropriately towards its fellow four-legged compatriots.

Does it seem like there’s a lot of effort required to learn how to train a Chow Chow? This may seem to be the case, but do not fret. You’ll discover the effort is well worth it in the end, because this breed can make a great pet once it’s effectively trained.