How to Train a Dalmatian

How to Train a Dalmatian Without a doubt, the classic Disney film 101 DALMATIANS certainly helped this breed become as well known as it has. Surely, the fact that it is a favorite breed to be kept as a pet in a firehouse has also aided in its legendary popularity. But, if there was one thing that allowed the dog to truly become popular, it would be the fact that it is a loving pet to own. And once you understand the basics of how to train a Dalmatian, you will discover it truly is a joy to own.

Here is a brief overview of the proper steps of how to train a Dalmatian effectively.

While this is truly a nice breed of dog, it’s not naturally obedient to certain commands, so they’ll have to be instilled in the Dalmatian. Luckily, how to train a Dalmatian for obedience can be considered somewhat easy, since this is a sharply intelligent dog. You do need to be consistent and firm with the obedience training, however, or it’ll never learn the commands you wish to instill in it.

A clicker can certainly prove to be a tremendous help when you wish your Dalmatian would learn basic obedience commands. The clicker allows you to employ a distinct sound which will help it recognize behavior cues. In time, a clicker mixed with positive words and a few food treats will increase the odds your dog does what you tell it to do when you want it to do it.

You’ll need to socialize a Dalmatian as early as possible, or else it’ll prove to be quite difficult around other animals. (Actually, you could extend such difficulties to include children and human adults, too.) The older this breed gets, the more its habits will become ingrained. This is why you must socialize it effectively, or else you’ll discover the dog begins to embody a myriad of behavior issues.

That’s not to infer this is an aggressive breed. Generally, it is docile, and if you know the right way of how to train a Dalmatian, you’ll never have issues with aggression with this breed.

One thing to be aware of is this breed has a tendency to bark, and bark a lot, for attention. Uncontrollable barking can be a major problem if it’s allowed to get out of hand. One reason that the dog will bark incessantly is that it desires attention. The key here is not to give into the dog too easily, or else it’ll NEVER stop barking. So, unless the Dalmatian is barking about a very serious issue, do not fawn over it and give it too much attention.

The excess barking could be the result of a lack of stimulation. A Dalmatian needs a lot of exercise in order to avoid embodying a tremendous amount of nervous energy. You really do not want your dog to have anxiety related issues, which is why it’s so critically important that you give it the appropriate amount of exercise.

If your training sessions become a little stressful because the dog becomes somewhat anxious, do not let yourself become overwhelmed and lose your temper. Such an approach would be self-defeating more than anything else. When you want the dog to follow along with your commands, use dog whispering techniques, as these straightforward and stern commands will commandeer attention without upsetting the dog.

How to train a Dalmatian can be considered an easy process once you understand the nuances of the breed. This truly is a wonderful dog to own and it is suggested that anyone wishing to adopt a unique pet should seriously consider a Dalmatian.