How to Train a Dogues de Bordeaux

How to Train a Dogues de Bordeaux How tough is the Dogues de Bordeaux mastiff? Take this into consideration when weighing the answer: this breed was once used to hunt down wild boar and bears. You really have to be a tough dog to take on the challenge of battling such dangerous animals which certainly are not going to back down from a fight.

These days, most owners look towards adopting the Dogues de Bordeaux because this French Mastiff remains a wonderful pet to own. Again, it is a big and tough dog. So, will it be equally tough to learn how to train a Dogues de Bordeaux? The answer is, basically, not really. Sure, there will be challenges with how to train a Dogues de Bordeaux successfully, but these challenges will be met when you have the right insight into what’s needed to effectively train this huge beast of a dog.

Here’s a little insight into what you need to know in order to learn how to train a Dogues de Bordeaux:

You’re going to have a tough time with a dog this big though, right? After all, a big game hunting dog is likely to have a mean disposition, right? Actually, the disposition the Dogues de Bordeaux possesses is often described as extremely affectionate. Believe it or not, this is a very loving breed and is not known for having a difficult temperament. Despite its massive size, this breed is much friendlier towards children than smaller dogs. This makes socialization training easy.

Note: When I say socialization training is easy, I do not mean that it is unnecessary. The truth here is you will need to socialize this breed regularly to make sure that it maintains a pleasing temperament towards others.

The dog is not a “pushover” though and can be effectively trained as a guard dog or a watchdog, making it an excellent breed for home protection.

When training it for socialization, taking it out for walks in the park would be among the best ways to do this. This breed does have a love for being walked, so it’ll go along with simultaneous socialization and leash training quite nicely.

Obviously, obedience training needs to be a high priority when you’re interested in the process of how to train a Dogues de Bordeaux effectively. When a big dog does not follow along with your commands, you will have a lot of problems in the home. Thankfully, this is a breed that loves to please, and it is also highly intelligent. This means they will pick up on command training rather quickly.

If you wish to truly expedite the dog’s ability to learn basic commands, you might wish to make clicker training part of the program. Nothing helps a dog recognize and remember commands easier than associating what you want the dog to do with the sound of a clicker.

And do not take a harsh attitude with this breed, or else you may regret it! All you may end up with is a really mean dog when all is said and done. Rather than go down this route, it would be a much wiser plan to employ dog whispering techniques, which use direct but calm language intended to evoke the desired response in the dog.

Crate training should also be a major component of how to train a Dogues de Bordeuax. This is a rather huge dog, and you do not want it rampaging through the home when you’re away. Rather than deal with issues such as that, integrate crate training into the mix. The safety of the dog will be enhanced as a result.