How to Train a German Wirehaired Pointer

How to Train a German Wirehaired Pointer The German wirehaired pointer is most definitely a beautiful looking dog, and truly an amazing breed. The positive attributes this breed is known to embody are legion, which is why it remains such a beloved pet. Of course, to get the most out of your union with the dog, you’ll need to know the basics of how to train a German Wirehaired Pointer. Don’t worry though. This is not a difficult breed to train, as long as you put forth the right commitment. Consider the breed one that loves to be loved. That means it’ll want to follow along with the training plan.

Before you can embody the basics of how to train a German Wirehaired Pointer, you need to understand that this is an active and athletic breed. This means you need to realize that this pointer (or all pointers for that matter) will be active, vibrant, and lively. Such behavior is a good thing, but it can also be a little troubling when you want the dog to calm down and go along with your training plans.

Obedience training can help you circumvent some of the issues with the dog’s hyperactivity. Basically, if the dog understands it’s supposed to stop when you tell it to, it’s well on its way to being a behaved dog. Certainly, you’ll need to teach it a number of other obedience commands such as stay, heel, and speak. That’s okay. If you train it one command, you can certainly train it other helpful commands quite quickly and easily.

The word “easily” is not used to describe the ability to train the dog for obedience flippantly. This breed has a reputation for being an excellent family dog due to its propensity to follow along with training plans and directives. Those wishing to make the easy process even easier should add clicker training to the mix. A clicker will aid in making sure the dog understands the verbal commands you’re presenting it, and it’ll also aid in helping the dog retain what you wish it to know.

How to train a German Wirehaired Pointer can become even easier when you employ dog whispering techniques. Dog whispering entails using a soft yet firm tone of voice intended to gain the dog’s attention. Once you have its attention, you can instill behavioral cues quite effectively.

Since this dog will need to be exercised regularly, you’ll need to leash train it. This becomes a lot easier once it understands common voice commands. Don’t use any harsh items such as choke collars, because they do not really work all that well on top of being rather cruel. Basic verbal commands combined with the “start/stop” method of not moving when the dog tries to run amok will instill the behavior you want in the dog.

Socialization training needs to be a major part of the dog’s learning process, because you do not want an athletic dog to be unfriendly or aggressive towards strangers or smaller animals. Since this is mostly a docile breed, how to train a German Wirehaired Pointer for socialization should not prove to be all that difficult.

You may also wish to crate train this particular breed, since it would be better for a potentially hyperactive pet to have its own place to call home, as opposed to running around room to room when you don’t have your eye on it.

The steps to how to train a German Wirehaired Pointer are not all that tough to institute. This is a really intelligent and affectionate dog, which adds to the ability for the dog to learn what it needs to know to be well trained.