How to Train a Golden Retriever

How to Train a Golden Retriever The golden retriever can certainly be considered a truly “golden” pet. These breeds maintain a wonderful look, are quite friendly, and embody great loyalty. Best of all, the steps of how to train a Golden Retriever are fairly easy.

So, what are the steps you need to follow when wondering how to train a Golden Retriever? Let’s take a look:

Right off the bat, you will need to define yourself as the alpha. Dogs follow the alpha and if you give in too much to a dog, it is not going to follow your directives. This is NOT a call to be mean to the dog. Rather,
you just want to be the clear leader when learning how to train a Golden Retriever.

Don’t make the error of assuming the first best thing to do with a golden retriever is to teach it to retrieve. There will be plenty of time for that. Instead, you will need to take the appropriate first steps of instilling in the dog simple obedience commands. Teaching a dog obedience commands can be considered the alphabet of all future training. Once the dog knows how to sit, stay, heel, and lie down, it can be malleable with other commands. Start with the simple and basic commands with how to train a Golden Retriever and you will find that the dog will be a lot easier to train.

Set and establish boundaries in the home when seeking how to train a Golden Retriever. These dogs can be a little curious. If there are rooms in which you do not want the dog to enter or areas you wish that it not go into, establishing such boundaries is a must. That means when it goes where it is not wanted to go, you cannot allow it to remain in the area or it will never understand its boundaries.

Clicker training is great when you actually want your Golden Retriever to retrieve. Clicking in affirmation when it returns a Frisbee to you will help it learn the basics of retrieving for exercise and fun.

On the home front, you need to pick clear and definitive times of the day and evening for the dog’s feeding and walking times when training a Golden Retriever. This way, the process of training a Golden Retriever will instill a set feeding time. If it doesn’t learn this, then it’ll want to eat and go for a walk whenever it feels like. That is not the right approach when you are interested in how to train a Golden Retriever.

And you need to apply similar psychology to deal with separation anxiety. Golden Retrievers will whine and cry when you leave. To pet the dog and wish it a long goodbye is not the right way when training a Golden Retriever since this will INCREASE separation anxiety. Ignore the dog when you come into the house and ignore it prior to leaving. Believe it or not, you are doing the dog a huge favor with these proper training techniques to deal with separation anxiety.