How to Train a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

How to Train a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog certainly remains a very impressive looking creature. The dog is quite large and among the largest breeds indigenous to Switzerland. But, do not assume because it is big and imposing it is a mean dog. Actually, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is known for its kind and gentle nature. The dog, however, is not born with an innate understanding of what it means to be a domesticated pet. That means you will need to take a little time out and learn the fine points of how to train a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

And then you have to put in the time to train it! What type of training will this breed require? Here is a look…

Without a doubt, you must make obedience training a major priority when learning how to train a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. If you do not do so, then you’ll likely have serious behavioral issues with the dog. This does not just mean the dog will be stubborn. It could also mean that the dog will be a sincere danger to itself or other animals, and that certainly would not be a good outcome. As such, you need to put a lot of emphasis on how to train a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog for obedience.

It cannot be stressed enough that clicker training is enormously helpful when you wish to get the dog to pay better attention to your obedience commands. Clicker training can be considered a more sophisticated form of obedience training, as it entails a sound association process in which the dog will hear the sound of the clicker and then associate the sound with the behavioral response you wish to get out of it. In time, a combination of clicker training, positive reinforcement, and food treats will aid in helping the dog to remember the commands required of it. That means it will end up being a very well behaved dog when all is said and done.

Remember, dogs are not humans, and that means they cannot understand why you are angry or frustrated. This is why it is far better to use dog whispering techniques, since they do not upset the dog. And when the dog is not upset, it will be more likely to go along with its training program a lot easier. And wouldn’t the entire process of how to train a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog become a lot better if you made it easier rather than harder?

Socialization training is always a good thing with a big and powerful dog such as this, and among the best ways to socialize it would be to take it out for a walk in the park. The one issue here is that you’ll have a rather powerful beastie at the other end of the leash. While this is a loving dog, it is BIG, which means it can drag you around when you walk. The way to deal with this may be to walk it on the leash around your residence (or even inside the residence for that matter) for very short distances and durations. When doing so, you take the appropriate steps to instill in the dog the notion that it must stop when you tell it to. In time, it will learn to follow your directives even when out and about on very long walks.

How to train a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog does come with more than a few challenges. No one would ever say that the task is an easy one. But, the effort it takes to train this breed will definitely be worth it when all is said and done.