How to Train a Havanese

How to Train a Havanese The Havanese remains one of the cutest little dogs available for adoption. One of its most endearing traits is its ability to stand up on its tiptoes and greet you. How it is able to maintain its balance is a mystery, but it can certainly do so with ease. Hopefully, as the owner, you will find the process of how to train a Havanese to be easy as well. But, is it really easy? The answer to that will depend on what you’re trying to train the dog to do. If you want it to learn a few basic tricks, you likely won’t find that to be very difficult. However, if you are interested in training the dog in areas of obedience, some training will be easier than others.

One thing you will find helpful in your desire to learn how to train a Havanese effectively will be the fact this is a breed that has a strong desire to please its owner. This may tie into the notion that the dog wants to be loved and will go along with what its owner wants. The breed does have the intelligence to learn basic commands. Consider the enhanced intelligence and the desire to please to be a two-pronged benefit to owning a dog of this nature.

That said, this is not an easy dog to housebreak. No, the little pup does not refuse to become housebroken out of defiance. Rather, the nature of the breed just happens to be this way. As a result, you will need to employ a bit of additional patience when trying to teach the dog basic housebreaking. Setting up a definitive elimination schedule and sticking to it without any deviation would be among the best ways to do this.

Crate training could help in this regard as well. Many assume crate training is solely for big dogs because there are risks with them running through the home. This is only partially accurate. The crate can also remain a designated spot for elimination when the dog has not been appropriately housebroken. This makes crate training a vital component to how to train a Havanese for housebreaking.

The process of how to train a Havanese for basic obedience is a lot easier. This little dog loves to make its master happy so it will certainly go along with simple obedience training. This is not to say it will learn obedience commands overnight, but it will not be stubbornly resistant to learning as other breeds might be prone to do.

There are ways in which you can enhance the little Havanese’s ability to go along with your command training. One method would be to employ clicker training which is among the easiest and most effective means in which you can instill a behavioral response from the little one. Best of all, clicker training is a humane way to nudge the breed into doing what you ask. A mix of clicker training along with positive reinforcement and a treat now and then can deliver great results.

You might need a little additional patience when it comes to how to train a Havanese to avoid jumping on things. These dogs do get excited rather quickly and that means they will likely jump up on furniture when they become bemused. However, their owners will be far from bemused and they will need to repeatedly instill the “stop!” command to decrease the likelihood their Havenese remains a jumper.

Beyond the housebreaking issue, how to train a Havanese is relatively easy. This dog likes to learn and it will pick up on obedience training almost immediately.