How to Train a Japanese Chin

How to Train a Japanese Chin The Japanese Chin may not be the most popular of dog breeds, but those owners that have taken one into their home are extremely glad that they did. How could they not be glad? This is a high-affection breed that truly does love to please its owners. When you take that fact into consideration, you’ll realize why it can make such a perfect breed to adopt.

But, is it easy to learn how to train a Japanese Chin? Yes, because this breed is highly intelligent and prone to behaving when told. That means training such a dog is far easier than would be the case with other breeds. Consider that a strong endorsement for adopting one!

Now, onto the subject of how to train a Japanese Chin…

One nuance about this breed is that you need to brush it and clean it regularly. This is a toy breed, and if its hair gets a little mangled, or if it lacks clean eyes or nose, it could get annoyed when you handle it. Right off the bat, you’ll eliminate certain behavior issues as long as you keep the Japanese Chin clean.

Socialization needs to be of the highest priority. This dog can be a fun and playful pet as long as it’s not anxious. When the breed has been effectively socialized, it won’t put forth behavior problems that would be likely when it’s not comfortable around strangers or other animals.

One issue with toy breeds is that they have a tendency to be independent minded, which is another way of saying they do not behave well. Such is NOT the case with this one, which is why how to train a Japanese Chin can be a breeze. It will go along with obedience training quite nicely. It’s an intelligent breed, which will easily pick up on your directives. Again, this breed is a joy to own, and it’ll become an even bigger joy once it’s more obedient.

Clicker training can be considered among the most vital aspects of how to train a Japanese Chin. Clicker training basically uses sound association, so the dog will remember the verbal cues you discuss. Clicker training combined with food treats and positive affirmations will enhance the likelihood that the dog understands your commands.

Housebreaking needs to be a major priority when wondering how to train a Japanese Chin effectively. Really, you do not want this breed to be going all over the house, and that is exactly what it will do if you don’t take the time out to effectively housebreak it. Among the best ways to housetrain a Japanese Chin would be to devise a regular schedule in which you will let it out into the yard. (Or take it for a walk.) Once the breed begins to latch onto its housetraining schedule, it’ll wait until the proper time to go. If it gets into this habit, then you can consider it properly housebroken.

You do want to give this dog a lot of attention, or else it’ll develop a depressive attitude. A depressed and sad dog will have a very poor disposition, and that doesn’t make for a good pet. And besides, this is a loving dog that always seeks to please… so why would you let it sit by itself alone?

The process of how to train a Japanese Chin is not all that tough. Such a dog is among the best toy breeds you can adopt, which is why anyone wishing to own a small dog should seriously consider bringing a Japanese Chin into the home.