How to Train a Keeshonden

How to Train a Keeshonden The Keeshonden is quite the original breed of dog. Despite having been originally bred in the Netherlands, the dog was raised to run sleds in the Arctic! How is that for a very unique origin? Most people these days have no desire to own such a breed with the intention of sledding it. Rather, they simple want a nice family and guard dog, both of which are roles this dog will assume. Of course, you do need to know how to train a keeshonden in order to truly make it a nice family pet. Is it easy to do this?

Here is some extremely good news: this is one of the most intelligent of all dog breeds. While you do not need your dog to be intelligent enough to solve differential equations, you do need it to be intelligent enough to understand your training program. Those that know how to train a keeshonden effectively will be quick to point out that this breed is smart enough to pick up on all learning cues almost immediately.

So, why wait any longer? Let’s delve right into the process of how to train a keeshonden effectively…

You are advised to set up a regular training schedule in which you will stick to during the week. This brings a little consistency to the mix, which the dog will pick up on. When training is consistent, the dog will learn a lot quicker. This is doubly true when it comes to training the dog to adhere to feeding time and bathroom breaks. (You will need to set specific times aside during the day and evening in which you will feed the dog and let it out.) Seriously, any mode of consistent training will work wonders with this breed, which is why consistency is so strongly recommended.

One area of critical importance in the process of how to train a keeshonden is training it for obedience. Obedience training is not about making the dog listen to you because you want to push it around. No, you seek to instill a sense of obedience in the dog to keep it safe and prevent harm from befalling it or others. If the breed does not stop or stay when you tell it to, then it is going to be a very unmanageable pet. As such, obedience training needs to be a major priority.

In order to make the process of obedience training easier, it’s advised that you bring a clicker into the mix. A clicker is a very simple handheld device designed to produce a sound the dog will associate with a particular action. This will allow the dog to retain information a lot easier which, in turn, helps it become a much more obedient pet.

You also need to resist the urge to lose your temper if your approach to how to train a Keeshonden does not work as effectively as you had hoped. Instead, you would be better served using simple and direct dog whispering techniques which aid you in getting your sentiments across without rattling the dog.

While this is definitely a well behaved breed, it will still have certain doggie tendencies. This means it may like to roam and rummage. While it will likely not be the intention of the breed to do any damage, it could break things in the absence of supervision. This is why weaving crate training into the mix is wise. The crate will keep the keeshonden safe and secure while you’re away.

Most will find the process of how to train a Keeshonden to be a lot of fun. Mainly, this is because the dog picks up on its training quite easily. It is also an affable pet, which further makes the process a lot easier.