How to Train a Maltese

How to Train a Maltese “I don’t want a lot of hassles training a large dog so I am happy I adopted a Maltese!” Okay, many of you likely will not make such a statement out loud but you know it is true. The fact of the matter is this little, loving, and affectionate dog never makes things difficult for its owner. The process of how to train a Maltese is a bit less troubling than it can be to train other breeds. This is the truth. It would also be the truth to say that there is still a little bit of effort required to train a Maltese.

Then again, the effort you need to invest may not be all that tough. Why is this? Well, with the right guidance you will discover that you can learn how to train a Maltese rather quickly. Once this wonderful little dog is trained correctly, you will find it a great little pet to have around the house.

So, here is that much needed insight into how to train a Maltese:

One of the most common errors owners make with a small dog like a Maltese is they see it like a “little animal” and not like a dog. As a result, they will leave it to its own devices only to discover they have a “bad” dog. Folks, the “bad” dog is not bad. It just has not been trained! Or more accurately, it has not been trained with efficiency or for good behavior. Don’t fall into such a trap. Take the time out to learn how to train a Maltese thoroughly. You will find you have a much better pet as a result.

This all starts with being an alpha leader in the home. You need to lay down the law with this dog but do it in a nice way. Among the best ways to deal with a wondering little diminutive would to be both firm and positive. Actually, positive reinforcement would be the best way to talk to it in training since you will be towering over the little one. Being harsh in your tone will likely upset the dog which would not help it become well behaved or trained in any way. Avoid this attitude when you wish to learn how to train a Maltese effectively.

Crate training will likely be a dog idea since it’s centralizing the location where the little dog can feel comfortable roaming in. This will keep it safe and out of trouble. Also, it will provide a proper place in which the dog can eat and eliminate until you have house broken it in the right manner. Consider this another step in the process of how to train a Maltese the right way.

Basic obedience training is a must or else this dog will develop a mind of its own and do whatever it feels like doing. That is not a good plan but it is the oft repeated error of assuming a small dog does not need much obedience training. All dogs need quality obedience training! This includes the precious little Maltese.

Clicker training would be great with this dog since it will perkily pay attention to such sounds. In time, this very smart dog will catch on to what the clicks are ingraining. This will lead to a much better behaved dog in time.

As with most little dogs, the Maltese will have a whole lot of energy. This is a great thing when you want a dog that is a lot of fun and you like to exercise with it. There is one issue that needs to be understood here and this would be that active dogs like this get bored easy so you need to make sure all training sessions are short.

These guidelines may seem simple but they do deliver results. If you adhere to them, the world of how to train a Maltese becomes a whole lot easier.