How to Train a Parson Russell Terrier

How to Train a Parson Russell Terrier The Parson Russell Terrier is a very sleek looking dog that certainly resembles its cousin the Jack Russell Terrier. While this little dog may seem innocuous, it was once used to track down foxes… no easy task! Today, its fox hunting days may be in the distant past, but its new life as a loyal pet is in full bloom. However, it would not be completely accurate to note that how to train a Parson Russell Terrier is easy. This is a breed that can be somewhat hyperactive and stubborn, which is a mix that can strain the patience of even the most easy going of dog owners.

Yet, you can remove quite a bit of the difficulty out of how to train a Parson Russell Terrier as long as you understand some basic training points specific to this breed. Without further ado, here is a look at what you need to do to train this breed the right way:

One thing going in your favor when you seek to train this breed is that it remains loving and affectionate to its owners. Because of this, it may be willing to please you, which can aid in the training process. To further overcome any stumbling blocks with the training of this breed, it is strongly advised that you are thoroughly consistent with your training. Inconsistent training can confuse a Parson Russell Terrier, and such confusion can thoroughly undermine the potential for the dog to learn.

Obedience training needs to be a priority when hoping to learn how to train a Parson Russell Terrier. When your dog listens to your commands and directives, it not only becomes a much more well behaved pet to own, it increases it own safety by not doing things which could cause it harm.

If you want to maximize the speed in which the dog learns basic obedience training, then you’ll want to add a clicker to the program. A clicker is a simple handheld device that makes, you guessed it, a clicking sound when it is engaged. If you use the click to teach the dog how to associate verbal commands with certain actions, you will discover the dog picks up on its learning curve a lot quicker.

Housebreaking also needs to be a major training priority. Do not just randomly select times to let the dog out, because it will assume it can go whenever and wherever it wants. Instead, create a set schedule for letting the dog out, so it associates certain times of the day with its bathroom breaks.

Do you need to crate train this breed? Honestly, you generally will not hear much talk of crates when it comes to the subject of how to train a Parson Russell Terrier, but the truth of the matter is crate training never hurts. As long as you do not overdo it in terms of restricting your dog to its crate, then this type of training may end up not being a bad idea.

No matter what type of training you employ, you will always want to use positive reinforcement, since it works quite well with this breed. If you want to become stern with it, use dog whispering techniques as opposed to yelling. Ultimately, you want the dog to do what you ask of it without frightening it, and these techniques will help in that regard.

You see, how to train a Parson Russell Terrier is not all that tough. You just need to know the right steps to take, and all should work out well. As simple as that may sound, it is the truth!