How to Train a Pekingese

How to Train a Pekingese At one time, the Pekingese was a revered dog in the palaces of China. While those days are long in the past, this is a wonderful little dog that can make a great pet. This is why it is so popular.

The Pekingese remains such a small and seemingly unassuming little beast that you would think it is easy to train. Well, you may think that, but training a Pekingese could prove to be a little more to handle than you thought would be the case. Or does it have to be? The process of how to train a Pekingese effectively and easily may not be as difficult as some may have led you to believe. As long as you understand a few basic prime principles, you will discover that training a Pekingese can be done with little hassle.

Here is a little insight into how to train a Pekingese with little effort…

Housetraining should be the first place to start when wondering how to train a Pekingese. Let the truth be told: this is a very difficult dog to housebreak, and you will need to be on your game to make sure it goes along with the training program. You do not want your new dog to make a huge mess in the house, and setting up a regular schedule for the dog to go outside would be a wise move. It will be easier to do this with a young puppy, but you can still train an older dog to do the same. The issue with an older dog is that you will need a little more patience to break it out of any bad habits it may have developed.

Actually, I may have to take back my statement about housebreaking being a number one priority. The number one priority with how to train a Pekingese should be to establish yourself as the supreme alpha. This can be a very stubborn breed (it is, after all, descended from royalty) and that means unless you are the true alpha, it will not go along with very much of your training.

When it comes to obedience training, you will likely have an easier time. One thing that you will like about the process of how to train a Pekingese is that this breed is highly intelligent. Trying to instill basic obedience commands may turn out to be far easier than you initially thought it would be. Again, this is a smart dog!

One way to make sure the chore of how to train a Pekingese for obedience commands is made even easier would be to use a clicker. The sound of the clicker is used to help the dog associate certain behavior commands with your verbal cues. This, in turn, helps the dog pick up on such commands quicker.

On a side note, the Pekingese is known for its ability to learn tricks rather quickly. If you want your dog to “perform” a little for you, teaching it a few tricks via using a clicker is advised.

You will also need to give the dog quite a bit of walking and exercise time, because this breed needs to move out and about. If you don’t exercise it properly and regularly, you will have a hyperactive dog that runs throughout the house or apartment. Giving it enough exercise in the right manner will reduce the potential for this to occur.

Does it seem a little challenging to learn how to train a Pekingese? That might be accurate, but the effort to train the dog will be worth it, since it is a wonderful breed that can make a wonderful and loyal pet.