How to Train a Samoyed

How to Train a Samoyed The process of how to train a Samoyed can prove to be a bit more complicated than most will initially realize. The breed has many positive points associated with it, but there will also be challenges and complexities. In particular, the breed is known for being highly intelligent and quick to learn, but it has a sincere stubborn streak which can make training it a little tough.

Does that mean the means of how to train a Samoyed effectively is something for only a select few groups of people? No, that is not the case at all. Anyone can train this breed effectively as long as you do what you need to do to make sure the Samoyed follows along with the training program.

If you have taken one of these wonderful dogs into your home, you will need to make sure it behaves as expected. Here are a few insights into the best ways on how to train a Samoyed:

One thing you need to realize about how to train a Samoyed is that this particular breed is quite affectionate, which makes it much easier to socialize. When a dog is more effectively socialized, it will go along with a great many different training programs much easier. Socialization training might not overcome all the stubbornness this breed may manifest, but it’ll cut into quite a bit of it, and that is a very good thing.

Housebreaking training will need to be weaved into the mix, because you definitely do not want the dog eliminating all through the house. To enhance the likelihood the dog goes along with all requisite housebreaking training, set up a thrice daily schedule and stick with it. Doing so will help instill in the dog when it’s time to go.

Feeding time may be an overlooked component of how to train a Samoyed and it shouldn’t be. You don’t want your pet wondering when it will be fed, and you also do not want it deciding on its own when feeding time should be. Effectively setting up a feeding schedule in a manner similar to how you set up bathroom breaks is highly advised.

This connects to crate training, because a crate can serve as a location for both elimination and feeding until the dog is effectively instilled with feeding and housebreaking traits. The crate will also set the stage for preventing any damage from falling into disrepair. The crate is not a prison. Rather, it is a safe haven for the dog to reside when you are away or when you cannot effectively monitor the dog. Just don’t overdo it with the amount of time you keep the dog in its crate, or else it may very well become a prison… which is not a good thing.

Obedience training needs to be a major priority when dealing with a stubborn breed. Once a dog learns the basics of proper obedience, its stubbornness will cease to be too much of an issue, although the specter of stubbornness may remain.

If you want the dog to become more obedient quickly, you should add a clicker to the equation. Clicker training can prove to be a tremendous help because it instills a behavioral response in the dog, which allows it to remember what you wish it to learn, and do so expediently.

How to train a Samoyed effectively may not always be the easiest thing in the world to do. However, those willing to put in the right amount of effort will discover that the process is a lot easier than most people realize. Okay, it may not be easy, but it definitely can be made easier!