How to Train a Silky Terrier

How to Train a Silky Terrier The process of how to train a Silky Terrier can be considered a lot easier than what would be the case with various other dog breeds. Why is this? There are quite a few reasons why it is so and the positive, upbeat, and social nature of the breed would be among the most definitive reasons. Now, this will likely give you the accurate impression that training a Silky Terrier can be a fun bonding experience. However, you should not be lulled into the notion that an unstructured training program will even remotely work. How to train a Silky Terrier is not all that tough, but there will need to be effective steps taken to ensure the dog does go along with the plan and picks up on its behavior program.

Housebreaking, obedience, and socialization training all need to be effectively instituted when training this breed as early as possible. Socializing the dog will likely prove to be the least difficult area to address, since this is mostly a very friendly breed that will learn to get along with adults, children, and humans rather quickly. Once it becomes effectively socialized, you’ll discover that it will become a docile and loving pet that’s a joy to have in the home.

Now, just because it likes people does not mean it always listens to them! I have always found the Silky Terrier to be a stubborn dog. Actually, it is not just me. This breed really is stubborn!

Because of this stubbornness, housebreaking can sometimes be challenging, but you’ll eventually discover this breed will take to its housebreaking training when you’re consistent with it. (Actually, you need to be consistent with all spheres of training if you wish to see definitive results.) Setting up a regular thrice daily housebreaking schedule will help the dog slowly learn the basics of the housebreaking program and follow along with it. How to train a Silky Terrier for housebreaking should also integrate a crate into the mix in order to see good results.

The crate provides shelter in the home for the Silky Terrier, and it also presents a place for the terrier to eliminate until it gets the hang of its housebreaking training. The crate should be big enough that the dog is able to move around in it, and you do not want a crate that is too confining. Discomfort will undermine whatever benefits crate training presents.

Among the best ways to overcome the stubbornness of a Silky Terrier would be to engage in effective obedience training. Seriously, if the dog is obedient to what you ask of it, it is not likely a breed that’s being stubborn, is it? Well, some of its stubbornness will come to the surface at one point or another, since this is the nature of the breed. That said, once the dog starts to recognize basic obedience commands, then its stubbornness will not be too much of an issue.

To expedite the dog’s ability to understand obedience cues, clicker training is recommended. Clickers help a dog (all dogs for that matter) recognize and associate your verbal commands with what you want it to do. Often, clicker training serves to be the make or break component in terms of how to train a Silky Terrier to understand human commands which are, of course, delivered in a language the dog doesn’t speak! Now do you see why a clicker is much more helpful than trying to converse with a canine?

How to train a Silky Terrier becomes far easier when you have the proper insight into what you need to do to see results. The tips listed herein are sure to help, as they are rooted in basic common sense understandings regarding how to deal with this breed’s nuances.