How to Train a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

How to Train a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Anyone wondering how to train a Staffordshire Bull Terrier may have a daunting task ahead of him. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is definitely an imposing beast. However, it is sometimes presented with a very unfair reputation. Yes, this is a big and tough dog, but what happens when a beautiful dog lies by your side and wishes to remain your loyal friend and protector? Is that an intimidating dog? No, it is a wonderful pet, and such a description is one that is most frequently applied to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Yes, this “beastie” can be an amazing pet. All you need to know to make sure it’s a great pet is how to train a Staffordshire Bull Terrier effectively.

First and foremost, with a big, tough dog, you’ll need to establish yourself as the alpha leader in the home. This does not mean you need to be mean to the dog or be too tough with it. Doing so could prove to be disastrous. Rather, you just want to avoid giving into the whims of the dog so that it does not try to rule the roost. Again, you are the pack leader, and your tough four-legged friend needs to follow along with your plans.

One way to make the process of how to train a Staffordshire Bull Terrier easier would be to set up a particular schedule in which the dog will be fed, walked, and when it will go out for a bathroom break in the yard. When you are the one setting the stage for the dog’s daily activity schedule, the dog will go along better with the program that you are the alpha in the home. Sure, this is a slightly backhanded way of doing it but… so? It works!

You will certainly need to take obedience training seriously when you want to know how to train a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the appropriate manner. Obedience training can entail many things, but it’ll mostly entail teaching the dog to do what you tell it to do when you tell it. This would include sitting, staying, heeling, and coming when called.

Obedience training is often the core of making sure this tough dog remains safe in the home, which is why obedience training needs to be instituted as quickly and as effectively as possible. To boost the likelihood the dog goes along with the obedience training you wish to instill, you should add a clicker to the mix. Clicker training helps the dog with the word association needed to understand your commands. As such, it is highly recommended.

Dog whispering techniques are also recommended, because it removes raising your voice out of the equation. Really, you want to avoid any steps which could enhance aggressiveness in the dog, which is why soft yet stern dog whispering techniques are recommended.

Socialization training needs to be undertaken as a means of balancing this breed’s tendency to be an effective guard dog. You definitely will want this dog to help protect you, but you do not want it to become overly protective. As long as the dog has been properly socialized with strangers and other animals, its overprotective components will be curbed.

Crate training could help this dog stay out of trouble and avoid wrecking the home when you’re away. Crate training, contrary to what some might assume, is not cruel. It is an effective way to prevent the dog from doing any damage, while also having a place in which it can relax and call its own.

As you can see, how to train a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is not all that difficult as long as you have the right program designed to make sure the dog remains a well behaved and friendly pet in the home.