How to Train a Whippet

How to Train a Whippet The reason there is not a lot of info on how to train a whippet is because this wonderful breed has not risen to the levels of popularity other breeds have. Thankfully, you have recognized the wonderful value of owning a whippet and adopted one into your home. Now, you have to take the steps to make the little pet even more wonderful, by making it a well behaved new found friend in your domicile. Is it tough to train a whippet? Not at all! You just need to be set down the right course of action to take.

Here is a guide to all you need to know about how to train a whippet…

This unique breed was originally derived from crossbreeding Greyhounds with terriers. While the dog was originally used to track down vermin, it later became an excellent hunting dog. These days, the breed can still be used for hunting, although it makes an excellent family dog as well.

One thing you need to be aware of with dogs bred for hunting: they will likely be a very active breed. That means you will need to exercise it and do so regularly. When the dog has a bit too much anxious energy, it can be a bit of a pistol to deal with, and that can be a little troubling.

Also, you will need to effectively socialize the canine, because hunting dogs can potentially become aggressive if they are not used to others. The whippet, however, is distinguished by its highly friendly and loving nature, so this may not be much of an issue. Actually, this dog loves all people and even strangers! The socialization process of how to train a whippet need not involve much more than taking it to the park for a stroll. The key here is you do not want to isolate it, as this can lead to aggression issues.

Another nature of this canine that makes how to train a whippet easier than other breeds is that it will love its owner a lot. As such, it will go along with obedience command training much easier than you would expect. The breed is a sharp and smart one, which means it will definitely learn its required commands in no time.

If you do wish to make command training easier, you should add a clicker to the mix. How does this work? Basically, you would employ the sound of a clicker as a means of helping the dog recognize certain commands and associate them with your voice.

Since this breed is rather intelligent and obedient, you do not need to be harsh with your voice. In fact, the subtle yet stern approach of dog whispering techniques may prove to be perfectly fine to get the dog to listen.

Does this mean that each and every step associated with how to train a whippet is easy? Here is the answer: the entire process becomes a lot easier provided you have properly established yourself as the role of the alpha leader in the home. If you are not the alpha leader in the eyes of the dog, it won’t listen to you. This means it might end up being a less than desirable pet to own, which is never a good thing. You will want your dog to go along with your directives, but a dog (any dog) will only follow the commands of an alpha. Keep this in mind, or else you’ll lose effective control over your dog.

Once you have done this, you will find the process of how to train a whippet to be fairly easy. In fact, it will be so easy, you will end up really glad that you adopted a whippet!