How to Train an Afghan Hound

How to Train an Afghan Hound The Afghan Hound is a unique breed, and it is also a beautiful breed. The majestic look of this dog certainly makes it an appealing creature to own. However, those that have experience with the process of how to train an Afghan Hound will be quick to tell you that there are more than a few issues inherent with training this dog. In particular, the Afghan Hound remains an extremely difficult dog to train. No matter how patient you may be or how versed you are with canines, you’ll find it pretty tough to train this dog.

Does this mean you’ll never get a decent handle on how to train an Afghan Hound? The truth of the matter is, if you personally have a desire to own this breed above all others, then your enthusiasm will likely translate into effective training.

To launch your training program on the right foot, you are well advised to establish yourself as the alpha leader in the home as soon as humanly possible. The reason for this is that once you have been established as the alpha you remove some of the independence the dog may thrive on which makes it tough to train. That said, do not confuse being the alpha leader in the home with being mean to the dog. Being less than friendly to your dog will do little more than make any behavior issues the dog may have… worse.

What would be among the most important areas of training to emphasize when learning how to train an Afghan Hound? It should go without saying that you should train it for obedience. An obedient dog will prove to be among the most agreeable and safe pets to have in the home. For those that wish to eliminate all manner of behavior issues a dog may be prone to embody, it’s highly advised that you make obedience training a huge part of the mix.

Here is some news most should be mindful of: clicker training is a must when you wish this dog to remember obedience commands. Some might not see the value in using a clicker, but such an attitude is a supreme oversight. No, that is not an overstatement! Clicker training allows the dog to remember basic commands thanks to the sound association of the clicker. Without using the clicker, you’ll likely find the dog does not remember what you wish it to retain as easily. And you do want your training to be easier than harder, right?

At some point, you may find it a little stressful to get the dog to follow your commands. Instead of losing your temper, it would be much better to use dog whispering commands when trying to determine how to train an Afghan Hound. Such commands are easier for the dog to understand, and they do not make the dog nervous or scared.

Two others areas of consideration when learning how to train an Afghan Hound effectively are socialization and crate training. Yes, these are two distinctly diverse training paradigms!

Socialization entails helping the dog become used to other animals and humans that do not live in the home. A wide range of behavior issues will be eliminated once the dog realizes it does not have to be wary or aggressive towards other dogs or humans.

Crate training simply gives the dog a place to call its own when you’re not home. It also aids in serving the purpose of preventing the dog from making a mess of your home when you’re out and about.

No one will ever say that the process of how to train an Afghan Hound is easy. However, it can be made much easier than you think if you put in the right amount of effort.