How to Train an Akita

How to Train an Akita One of the few breeds from Japan that has achieved worldwide popularity, the Akita remains a unique and special breed. The Akita can be both loyal and loving, but it can also have an aggressive nature. This is why special and deliberative care needs to go into the steps of how to train an Akita.

Actually, it has more than a minor aggressive nature. This dog can be extremely aggressive and prone to bad behavior. It might not be the best dog for a home with kids or small pets. However, those that understand the “Akita attitude” will discover that effectively learning how to train an Akita might be able to circumvent many of the problems with the breed.

Your main concern with how to train an Akita would be to immediately establish yourself as the alpha in the home. You positively must not have a dominant Akita in the home, because that could create a major safety risk. Why own a dog that is dangerous in the home when effectively establishing yourself as the alpha with the pet can reduce it to a more manageable and friendly pet?

The two areas that need to be immediately addressed with how to train an Akita is socialization and obedience commands. Once again, this is an aggressive breed, and much of that has to do with the fact the dog was originally intended as a guard dog. To reduce the aggressive nature of the dog, you will need to socialize it as early as possible. If the dog becomes much calmer around other animals and humans it does not know, some of the aggressive issues will be diminished.

Obedience commands need to be instilled at a very early age, because this will tie into making the dog a lot safer to be around. A dog that stops when told, heels when directed, and sits when requested, is going to be a much safer dog. That is a fact! Most people understand this. The error they make is they confuse being direct and firm with being aggressive. You do not want to be aggressive with an Akita because you may end up scaring the dog which will make it aggressive in return. Don’t make this mistake. In fact, you may wish to explore techniques such as dog whispering. This method uses a completely different tone that is no less direct and quite impactful in terms of how it gets the dog to listen. Better still, it will aid in diminishing negative behavior in the dog.

If you wish to somewhat streamline the process of obedience training, using a clicker might be a wise plan. Clicker training will help instill certain behavioral responses in the dog based on using sound association. This is a simple training method that definitely works.

Crate training is incredibly easy with this breed, because it greatly enjoys spending time in a crate. This is just a nuance with the breed. The dog is likely to venture to its crate when it’s not occupied with its owner. This has the nice benefit of reducing any trouble the dog can get into in the home. It is a big dog and the fact that it does not enjoy roaming and will venture to its crate is one area of how to train an Akita that is not too tough.

Does the process of how to train an Akita seem daunting? To a degree, it may be. However, it is also possible that you can get a handle on how to properly train the Akita to a safer and more loveable pet.