How to Train an Australian Cattle Dog

How to Train an Australian Cattle Dog At one time, the Australian cattle dog was a great help for those that raised cattle on the ranges of the Australian landscape. These dogs were among the most helpful of all service breeds the land down under had ever seen. These days, the breed is still employed on ranches but it has also branched out to be a wonderful family pet. Well, it’ll be a nice family pet provided you know how to train an Australian Cattle Dog. Is this a daunting task? No, it really isn’t, because this is a wonderful canine that’s fairly easy to train.

Actually, the process of how to train an Australian Cattle Dog is a lot easier when you understand the basics precepts of what’s needed to train the dog in the right manner. Once again, you needn’t worry about training this breed, since it does go along with the program, as it is a rather docile and intelligent breed.

For those curious about what’s needed to effectively learn how to train an Australian Cattle Dog, here are a few basic points:

You’ll definitely need to socialize this breed to be around children. This dog is not a mean dog per se, but it can act aggressive towards children because it may confuse the little ones with herded animals. As bizarre as it sounds, this is how the dog will react simply because that’s how it has been bred. Again, proper socialization would circumvent such problems.

It’s an absolute must that you assume the role of an alpha with this breed or, for that matter, with any service breed. This dog is not seriously stubborn, so you won’t need to become too concerned about the dog rejecting your role as the alpha provided you are stern in your position.

You may wish to train the dog to be a guard or a watchdog, since these are roles perfectly suited for this breed. How to train an Australian Cattle Dog for protection might not be something you’ll want to do on your own, however. Instead, you may wish to hire a professional to handle such tasks on your behalf.

Obedience training certainly is a must, because if the dog doesn’t listen to you, then he (or she) will not be the most enjoyable pet to own. You’ll need to make sure your dog follows along with your verbal commands of sit, stay, heel, and the like, because this will increase the likelihood it remains a safe pet to own.

You may wish to add clicker training to the mix when trying to instill obedience into the dog. The reason for this is that clicker training will increase the dog’s ability to understand the commands it’s being taught and, more importantly, it will be learning how to respond to the commands in the right manner.

This dog will need to be exercised fairly regularly, since it’s used to running around chasing down cattle. That means you’ll need to make effective leash training part of its daily regiment. Just don’t make the mistake of purchasing harsh and cruel leash training aids, as they are really not necessary, and basic “start/stop” tactics when walking the dog might be all you really need to do.

If you’re concerned about the dog’s wanderlust in the home when you’re away, crate training could be among the easiest ways to deal with such an issue. Crate training allows the dog to have its own little home in which to reside in so as to avoid getting into trouble when you’re out and about. Crate training may also prove helpful when you’re still in the process of housebreaking your new pet.

All in all, how to train an Australian Cattle Dog is not that difficult. You just need the right attitude and approach, and all will work out well.