How to Train an English Cocker Spaniel

How to Train an English Cocker Spaniel The English Cocker Spaniel remains a popular dog breed to own for many reasons. Among the most commonly cited is this little dog is one of the most adorable breeds you could adopt. It is also the quintessential small dog pet, and it’s perfect for all manner of different living environments, including apartment dwelling. And once it has been properly trained, it can make a tremendous addition to the family.

This does raise the question of how to train an English Cocker Spaniel properly. The process to train this breed is a deliberate one, but it’s also nowhere near as hard as you may have been led to believe. So, here is some insight into how the training should be performed.

If you want to get the most out of training this dog, you’ll need to brush its coat regularly. This may seem like a somewhat out of place suggestion when discussing how to train an English Cocker Spaniel, but it really isn’t. The dog will be in a lot of discomfort if its coat is knotted or unkempt, and that will undermine your ability to maintain its concentration during training sessions. So, be sure to brush its coat at least thrice weekly.

Since these dogs were originally bred for hunting, they will be a lot more inclined to go along with any training program you have in mind for them. These dogs are also very intelligent and affectionate, which makes training, particularly obedience training, a lot easier to engage in.

If you wish to make the obedience training even easier, it’s advised to add a clicker to the mix. Clicker training will help the dog focus on the commands you wish it to learn. This will expedite the training process faster than you would have ever imagined.

Just be sure to always assume the alpha role at all times, or the dog’s natural dominant traits will emerge. This won’t be a good thing, because nothing will undermine how to train an English Cocker Spaniel effectively than the onset of dominance issues. Be a firm leader with your dog and such problems will be avoided.

Due to this breed’s keen intelligence, using dog whispering techniques will work quite well. The direct and targeted tone of dog whispering will help guide the behavior of this breed rather easily, which is why it’s so recommended.

It’s also recommended to take the appropriate amount of time to properly socialize this breed, as that will aid in helping learn quite effectively. When a dog is not stirred by other animals or even humans, it will likely be a more obedient pet. It will also be a much safer pet as well, which would certainly be a good attribute.

This is a breed you’ll need to invest a lot of time exercising. Once again, its origins are that of a hunting dog, and such dogs are extremely energetic. You do not want your English Cocker Spaniel to end up with a ton of unspent energy, or else it may not go along with your commands.

One way to make living with an English Cocker Spaniel a lot easier would be to set up specific times for bathroom breaks and feeding. When the dog gains a general insight when it will be let out and when it will be fed, it will become much more manageable.

The process of how to train an English Cocker Spaniel is pretty easy when you compare this dog to other breeds. That is among the reasons why it’s considered a highly popular pet, and one that is found in untold scores of homes.