How to Train an English Springer Spaniel

How to Train an English Springer Spaniel The English Springer Spaniel remains a truly enjoyable pet and one that can prove to be highly loyal and loving. However, the process of how to train an English Springer Spaniel is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. This can be a truly tough dog to train because it has a high level of hyperactivity. Hyperactive dogs flat out don’t listen at times and that is why you need to take a lot of extra steps to make sure the training goes along correctly.

Is all the extra effort to learn how to train an English Springer Spaniel worth it? YES! This is a great dog and a wonderful pet. Those attributes alone mean the whole effort will be worth it, because great pets are always worth the effort.

For those wishing to learn how to train an English Springer Spaniel, here are a few helpful insights:

Obedience training is a must with an English Springer Spaniel. Again, the dog is hyperactive and it may very well be prone to jumping on your furniture or yelping aloud constantly. Of course, if the dog knows to stop when you command it to, you will find such problems cease to be an issue.

One thing to be mindful of here is the fact that this breed is definitely a smart dog. This can compensate for the hyperactive nature of the breed, since its high intelligence allows it to get the hang of its training quite quickly. The quicker the breed learns, the quicker it will obey. Consider that one of the good points regarding how to train an English Springer Spaniel.

Of course, you will find the breed goes along with your command training if you establish yourself as a clear alpha. This dog was originally bred as a hunting dog and that means it needs a strong leader in which to follow. Just don’t yell at it. Be firm and use dog whispering techniques when you talk to the dog as this will enhance the likelihood of good results.

Such a dog may have a limited attention span and that means you need to keep your training sessions short. 10 – 20 minute training sessions should be fine and the dog will catch on in time. You have to be wary of distractions though. As such, you need to pick your training session times and locations with great deliberation. This will make your ability to understand how to train an English Springer Spaniel a lot easier.

You should reward your dog after each and every training session. Giving the dog a nice treat after it does what you have told it to do would work wonders towards boosting its potential to listen to you. You can also add positive comments to the mix since the dog will certainly be thrilled with such approving commentary.

By the way… such positive commentary needs to be employed with any an all training. This includes sessions that deal with socialization, behavior, housebreaking, leash training, and all other manner of training.

Clicker training can help boost the dog’s potential to go along with the program. The way clicker training works is relatively simple. You employ the sound the clicker makes with the behavior you want the dog to do. It is not always easy for the dog to remember what you teach it and clicker training boosts the likelihood it does remember what it has been taught.

The process of how to train an English Springer Spaniel is not all that tough when you know how to go about it. Following the tips offered here can greatly help you understand how to get the most out of these training sessions.