How to Train an Icelandic Sheepdog

How to Train an Icelandic Sheepdog Are there sheep in Iceland? That would seem to be the case, as there is such a thing as an Icelandic Sheepdog. Of course, this wonderful breed is no longer exclusive to Iceland, as it can be found in the homes of many pet lovers around the world. If you have adopted such a breed, you have made a good choice. Now, you need to learn how to train an Icelandic Sheepdog. Is this is difficult process? It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re able to follow along with a number of basic simple principles, you’ll find training such a breed becomes much easier.

Actually, it is the breed itself which makes the process of how to train an Icelandic Sheepdog much easier. In particular, this is because the breed is known for its high level of intelligence. The smarter a dog is, then the easier the dog becomes to train. With the Icelandic Sheepdog, you have a sharp breed with a very high level of intelligence, which means it will catch on to all training tips and programs with relative ease. Okay, it might not end up being THAT easy, but it won’t be all that tough either.

What it’ll take is a lot of commitment, because halfhearted or non-committal training will certainly undermine any serious training program. You definitely wouldn’t want that to be the case when hoping to train your newly adopted four-legged pal.

Where should you start when wondering how to train an Icelandic Sheepdog? There are three areas which need to be commenced with immediately and simultaneously: housebreaking, socialization, and obedience training.

Since this breed is highly intelligent, the ability for it to pick up on the basics of housetraining is not all that complicated. The way to go about it would be to set a three times daily schedule for letting the dog outside. First thing in the morning should always be the first bathroom break of the day, and the other two should be shortly after mid-day and evening feeding.

Socialization training should not be too difficult, because this is not an aggressive breed. Taking the dog out to exercise regularly in areas where it will be around other people might prove to be a great help in this regard. There’s an additional benefit to socializing your dog in this manner. Again, it’s a sheepdog, which means it has an active component to its genes. If you exercise it regularly, you’ll eliminate a great deal of nervous energy, which could undermine its potential to be a well behaved dog.

And speaking of owning a well behaved dog…

How to train an Icelandic Sheepdog for obedience is vital, because this ensures you have a nice, safe, and well-manner canine. This process basically entails teaching the dog how to understand your verbal cues and, more importantly, follow along with your verbal statements. When the dog sits, stays, and heels as you command, you can take solace in the fact that you have a nice dog in the home.

If you wish this particular breed to pick up on obedience training quickly, you are advised to add clicker training to the program. Clickers allow the dogs to associate behavioral commands with verbal cues. This way, the dog will understand what you want it to do… and do it when you ask. Once again, this will keep the dog safe, since it won’t be prone to getting itself into trouble as you’ll be guiding its decisions frequently.

How to train an Icelandic Sheepdog is not a tough process, as long as you follow a logical path with the training. Again, this is a sharp dog, and it’ll follow along with your training plans rather quickly.