How to Train an Irish Setter

How to Train an Irish Setter Is not the Irish Setter the quintessential family pet? There may be a little bit of debate regarding the answer to that question, since many will have their own personal favorites regarding which breed they prefer to own. However, it is no secret that the Irish Setter has long since been a loyal friend to humans, and remains a perennial staple in the homes of dog lovers.

Are you considering adopting one of these wonderful little dogs? If so, that is a good thing. However, you are also going to need to know how to train an Irish Setter if you wish it to become a truly welcome member of your family.

The one thing that needs to be understood if you’re interested in how to train an Irish Setter is that you MUST exercise this dog regularly, because it is an energetic and hyperactive breed. This means it can be a difficult pet to deal with in the home when its energy levels are way outside of its owner’s comfort zone. In fact, the dog could prove to be really destructive if it gets too hyperactive. Again, none of these problems will be an issue when the breed is exercised regularly and properly.

Socialization training an Irish Setter is a breeze. This dog loves people and generally will not become aggressive towards strangers. So, a minute amount of socialization training can go a long way when you’re learning how to train an Irish Setter.

Housebreaking an Irish Setter is not all that difficult either, provided you take the right approach. The first step would be to set up a regular elimination schedule so the dog knows when it will be time to go. When there is a sense of certainty in terms of the time the dog will be let out, the potential for the dog having an accident will be reduced dramatically.

Crate training is also well advised when trying to housebreak an Irish Setter. When the dog has a crate in which it can call its own, it will eliminate within the crate prior to the housebreaking training being completed. A crate should always be part of how to train an Irish Setter, because it simply does deliver on effective results. And no, crate training is not a form of punishment unless you take it to extremes, which would rarely be necessary when training an Irish Setter.

Short training sessions are best when trying to instill obedience in the dog. You do not want the sessions to run too long, or else you run the risk of the dog getting bored and restless. It’s also suggested to use positive reinforcements with an Irish Setter because, basically, it is a friendly dog that just wants to go along with the program. Don’t yell at it, or else you run the risk of it becoming confused or disoriented. Dog whispering techniques would be a much better idea, since the dog will understand your verbal commands and not become fearful of them.

Clicker training is also highly advised when learning how to train an Irish Setter. When the dog is able to associate commands with the sound of the clicker, the dog will remember the commands a lot better. This means it will be well on its way to becoming a more obedient dog a lot quicker.

Is there anything easier in the canine companion world than learning how to train an Irish Setter? The answer to that question is debatable. However, it’s safe to say that this is one of the easier dogs to train, because it loves humans and wants to please.