How to Train an Italian Greyhound

How to Train an Italian Greyhound For those not familiar with the Italian Greyhound, this is not a breed that is as majestic in size such as those greyhounds you see at the local dog racing track. In fact, the Italian Greyhound is actually a “toy” dog that is quite diminutive in stature. It is bred specifically to be a pet, and those looking for a loyal little companion will find this breed to be a joy to own. Of course, there is also the small matter of how to train an Italian Greyhound that needs to be addressed.

Is it difficult to learn how to train an Italian Greyhound? Not really. You just need a few basic points understood about the appropriate training this breed requires. Again, don’t worry. It’s not that tough to train this diminutive little dog.

With small dogs, there will be small bladders. That means you’ll need to housebreak the breed as quickly as humanly possible. The way to do this entails setting up a regular schedule of bathroom breaks for the dog to follow. Usually, you’ll want to let the dog out first thing in the morning, and twice more during the day. In time, the dog will become used to such a schedule and will not have accidents.

You’re going to need to employ a lot of patience when you try to housebreak an Italian Greyhound. This is the most difficult aspect of how to train an Italian Greyhound. Just be sure not to lose your temper or become overly frustrated, because this will not lead to the desired outcome in the end.

Obedience training needs to follow housebreaking in terms of importance. While the dog is a little one, it is not a cat. That means you cannot leave it to its own devices to behave or listen to your commands. No, you’ll need to put in the requisite effort to ensure it understands basic obedience commands. The dog is quite intelligent, which means it should pick up on obedience cues rather quickly.

If you do wish to make sure the dog goes along with your obedience training more effectively, you should employ clicker training. A clicker is a rather basic device but it can deliver almost magical results with a dog. How to train an Italian Greyhound becomes much easier when a clicker is added to the mix.

Among all the breeds that would benefit from crate training, the Italian Greyhound would be at the top of the list. This is to ensure the dog does not run through the house unsupervised and cause chaos. Now, the breed itself is not prone to being a troublemaker, but you can reduce the potential for certain problems developing if you add crate training to the mix. Often, a crate will give an Italian Greyhound the appropriate domain in which it can call its own. You could say the addition of a crate could be the one aspect of how to train an Italian Greyhound that the dog itself finds most appealing.

One thing to keep in mind here is you do not want to overdo it with the duration the Italian Greyhound is kept in the crate. Keeping a puppy locked up in a crate for hours on end is not a training session, it would be a prison sentence! So, be judicious when setting up a time schedule in which the dog would be relegated to the crate.

Overall, the process of how to train an Italian Greyhound is not a tough one. You just need to have the right insight into what’s required to approach the training correctly. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some of that much needed insight.