How to Train an Old English Sheepdog

How to Train an Old English Sheepdog The Old English Sheepdog truly is among the most quintessential of canines. It has the perfect look, and can be considered one of the most loyal breeds you can adopt. Of course, the way to ensure that the canine does remain loyal would be to take the steps towards how to train an Old English Sheepdog the right way. And there are some nuanced components which need to be addressed when training an Old English Sheepdog.

Here’s a look at some of those nuances and how to train an Old English Sheepdog effectively…

First and foremost, as the name implies, an Old English Sheepdog was bred to herd cattle, sheep, and other such farm animals. Such skills are present within the DNA of the breed. As such, this breed will seek to herd other pets or small children, which can be more than a little annoying. However, this is a nuance of the breed, and you may need to take a few steps to alter the behavior.

This all starts with making sure the dog does what it is told when it is told. In other words, basic obedience training will “dull down” the sheepdog’s desire to herd or even do things it would be best it didn’t do. Obedience training generally entails the dog following along with basic verbal commands. Since it is not born knowing such commands by heart, you will need to take the steps to train it to understand such words.

Clicker training is one such way to effectively instill the appropriate commands. Clicker training simply employs basic sound association with the commands you want the dog to remember. Using a clicker and adding food treats to the mix will ensure this breed learns basic commands quickly and easily.

You do need to make sure you are the supreme alpha leader in the home, or else you’ll find it’ll do whatever it wants in the home, and that is not a good thing. Now, if you do become the alpha, you’ll find this breed to be an absolutely wonderful dog that does love to assume the role of being a great pet that wants to be a good pet. However, it’ll assume a troubling dominant role. Again, you can prevent such problems by being the alpha.

Housebreaking becomes a very critical component to training your Old English Sheepdog. This process is not as tough as some assume it to be. You need to launch a regular bathroom break schedule for the dog and adhere to it. This will aid in helping the dog understand when it is time to go and when it is not. Crate training can also help with this process because it would provide the dog with a safe place to eliminate before it is fully housebroken. Crate training also has the added benefit of ensuring the dog stays out of trouble when you aren’t keeping your eye on it. Really, you can’t be home all the time, and having the dog relaxing in its own little crate will ensure it doesn’t damage the interior of your home.

Be sure to maintain a positive attitude when discovering how to train an Old English Sheepdog. Never get frustrated or lose your temper, as this will backfire. Stick with techniques such as dog whispering, as these will aid in making the dog feel comfortable with following along with your plans.

Anyone wondering how to train an Old English Sheepdog can take solace in the fact that the process is not all that tough. You just need to have the right insight and commitment, and you’ll end up with a loving and well trained pet.