Puppy Aggression

Puppy Aggression The subject of puppy aggression can be a difficult one for which to address. The reason for this is that some puppies will be aggressive by nature and other puppies will be a bit more aggressive than is normal for their breed.

The main issue of contention here is that puppy aggression can equate with danger. A puppy that maintains aggressive behavior can grow up into an aggressive adult dog. This can pose serious problems for the owner, other members in the house, neighbors, and other animals. More than any other bad habit a puppy might embody, aggression needs to be addressed and addressed quickly and effectively. Again, puppy aggression can commonly translate into danger which is a severe problem.

Here are a few insights into effectively dealing with puppy aggression.

Puppy aggression can be defined as excessive barking, snarling, growling, nipping, biting, and lunging at others. Often, this problem derives from a complete lack of socialization. Effectively socializing the puppy as early as possible will greatly reduce the potential for aggression. Isolating the puppy from other animals and humans does have its safety advantages but when this is done to the extreme, the puppy will likely become hostile towards others which would be of no benefit to the puppy or the owner.

You do, however, have to be mindful of those people and other pets in which the puppy is socializing. If humans or animals are bullying the puppy then the puppy will eventually draw on its feral nature to become aggressive to protect itself. That means anyone or any animal mistreating the puppy needs to be stopped or else puppy aggression is guaranteed.

Puppy aggression can sometimes be the result of sickness or illness. Does the puppy act in any way that would be indicative of such a problem? If so then it would be best to take the puppy in for proper veterinary care. If the puppy aggression is the result of the puppy suffering, then taking steps to eliminate the cause of the suffering would be the most humane thing to do.

One of the best ways to ensure (or at the very least) reduce aggressive puppy behavior would be to enroll the pet in obedience school. Often, aggressive behavior develops because the puppy was never instilled with effective obedience. Really, only qualified trainers can effectively instill obedience in a puppy. So, if you are not experiencing results personally training the puppy, then it would be best to allow qualified trainers to handle the tasks. They might be far better qualified to reduce puppy aggression.

You may wish to make your home training a little easier by using a clicker. Clicker training is perfect for instilling certain behaviors in a puppy. Through effective puppy training, you will find it much easier to calm an aggressive pet and help it learn to follow directions.

Among the absolute worst ways to reduce puppy aggression would be to excessively punish it. This will only enhance puppy aggression. So, if you are being abusive to the puppy, then you are not doing it any great help. You are simple being a cruel master setting the stage for puppy aggression that will only get worse as the dog ages. Rather than use a scary tone of voice, why not use dog whispering techniques? They work much better for calming a puppy than yelling ever can.

An aggressive puppy can possibly grow into a very dangerous adult dog. This is why taking steps to effectively and properly train the puppy early in its life is a must. To not do so simply sets the stage for serious and severe problems as the puppy ages. Never lose sight of this fact.